Thursday, May 3, 2012

Psalm 91:4 Bands!

One of the main reasons why I craft is so that I can support those in need! One way that happens currently is through me trying to love on two sweet families that the Lord has brought to me! When I make money sewing for friends and family, I take a portion of that money and send it to these two families! So far, I have been able to donate to them $50 each! It's just one way that I try to reflect God's glory through this blog! You can find more information about both of my current DBS families here, but today I am here to talk about Maria & Niles Ferguson and how they are in the midst of adopting domestically a sweet little baby girl named Ruth!

Right now, Maria and Niles are "giving away" these awesome Psalm 91:4 bracelets! Aren't they pretty? I mean, cool, for all you guys out there!

Lovely, right!?

MudLove bands make me excited for several reasons:
  • For one, they look awesome!
  • They are handcrafted by founder, Luke Wright in IL.
  • Luke gives 20% of all sales to clean water in Africa through a faith-based organization, ICDI, a company dedicated to providing, equipping, and empowering people in the Central African Republic with the essential tools and knowledge to survive and thrive in their country! Yeah!
  • Each band provides clean drinking water for an African for a year!!!

And if all those reasons weren't enough:
  • Luke has agreed to partner with the Ferguson's to help fundraise their adoption by
  • handcrafting, personalized bands with their baby girl, Ruth’s verse, Psalm 91:4!!

What more reasons could anyone need to order one- today?

For every $15 donation to their adoption fund, they will send you a “Psalm 91:4” MudLove band with either a black or brown band.  

How do I get my hands on those,
you ask?

It's easy!

You can donate below by entering your email address and clicking the "DONATE" button or you can click the "DONATE" button under the pictures on the right side of their blog anytime
That easy!   

All bands will ship within a week of order for those of you that are not local.  When we receive payment we will email you to request your address. 
Everyone is also welcome to use the general "Donate" button located HERE for a donation amount of your choice.

Join them in this MUDDY FUN and order a band
(or a bunch of them!) TODAY!

1 band per $15 donation
Enter your email address, then click donate!