Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Scotch Greener Tapes & Dry Erase Board Upcycle

 I don't know about you, but pretty much anytime I do DIY painting projects I am using Scotch Blue Painter's Tape. My last major paint DIY was for our master bedroom and I redid our dress into some racer metallic stripes for a fun little design element using tape over the drawers.
So, when 3M Scotch Tapes contacted me about testing their new GREEN line, I thought it would be fun! I really like that it is made from 56% renewable resources, because I really feel bad throwing things like used tape in the trash! Please tell me I'm not the only one! I love that it is made with recycled materials and still works like normal tape! If you are interested in the press release about more "sustainable" info, I found this article great!

I tried out the Scotch Greener Masking Tape for Performance Painting and the Basic Painting version and both work amazingly! You can't even tell that they aren't the famous "BLUE" painter's tape, except for the fact that, well, they aren't blue!
In the spirit of using recycled materials, I found this entire Dry Erase Board in the trash on the side of the road! Are you SERIOUS PEOPLE!? A DRY ERASE BOARD!!! YES!!!
 And I know what you are thinking... Wow... Vanessa has a family SCHEDULE!? Okay, yes, I do. I may be a little psycho. Right after I found this dry erase board, I was feeling rather unfocused and felt like if I wrote down a huge schedule of a typical day, then maybe I wouldn't feel so unfocused, and while I haven't kept to it to a tee even one day since then, I can tell you that it has been amazing at keeping me on track, so yes, I have a family schedule! But that's another post... back to the board and tapes.
 The only thing I didn't like about my new board was the natural wood color, but that is a pretty easy fix with spray paint... I just taped some newspaper down, which my new fun tapes, and grabbed my paint!
 I couldn't decide, but eventually decided to do "hammered metal" black by Rust-OLEUM. It kind of gave it a cool bumpy texture.
 Then, I tried some other funky designs and Hart even helped tear paint tape pieces for and he said, "This is really nice tape." He liked that is was still so "sticky" like normal BLUE tape. So, there you go. It is really nice tape. Haha!
 But after I did the funky design, I hated it, so I went back to just black. I know... lame... like my family schedule.
But it looks so nice, all up on the wall, and ready for my crazy hyper-scheduling self to write all over it!

So, I hope you enjoyed that little Scotch Greener Tapes review & my Dry Erase upcycle! I really appreciate the fact that more and more companies are putting out eco-friendly lines of their products, and really love that they send me the free stuff to try out! I guess that is a fun perk of being a blogger! Thank you, 3M for the opportunity!

Other projects you are bound to see using my new tapes are:
-Cai's toddler table
-Our Hall bookshelf
-Built-in china cabinet

So stay tuned... whenever I can schedule those in! Haha!