Thursday, May 31, 2012

Secret to Sewing Sequins

First, I have to tell you about my worst sewing moment ever. No lie. This afternoon, I started sobbing in my sewing chair. My husband walks in knowing that I had had a rough go finishing these Dorothy Costume Aprons wondering what was wrong.
Sobbing crying I say in that tiny high pitched, way too serious-the-entire-world-has-gone-wrong, "I CAAAAN'T FIIIIIND THE SEQUIIIIINS!" Start sobbing more.

It was very dramatic and ridiculous, but it was one of those moments where the icing just went on the cake. I guess, lately, I have felt so comfortable at my sewing machine that it is actually like my own peaceful therapy, not something that ever frustrates me or something that I have problems with. It comes easy and usually fast and I get projects done and there aren't major hiccups.

Well, NOT today. I literally don't know what happened, but I broke all of my heavy needles, went and bought more and broke even more after that sewing this sequin trim. I sewed almost half of the outfits without any problems and then all of a sudden everything went wrong.

Thread got tangled. Thread got bunched. Thread came undone. A needle broke. Oops. Another needle broke. On and on. Problem after problem. On and on.

My husband looks around searching the house, finally comes back in my sewing room holding up the sequins he found on my chair in the living room. How did that get there? I get back to sewing and then he comes in and asks me, "If I'm pulling the fabric through the machine at all and if I'm using heavy needles." Maybe other wives might be annoyed at this, but for me, I just smiled, because I knew it was his own way of helping me and being sweet.

Finally, I slowed my machine all the way down to the slowest speed. Changed to some zig zag stitching on the longest length possible both ways and prayed to God I would get through the rest of the outfits.

And I did. By His grace.

I sewed the last 2 outfits and have now sworn off sequins forever. Originally I had thought, maybe I would do a tutorial for these because someone somewhere may want to remake a dorothy costume, but no, that won't be happening.

Lastly, besides several heavy 100/16 needles, going slow on the widest stitch lengths possible, making sure your sequins are all going "smoothly" in direction as you sew through them (not like rubbing a cat's hair the wrong way), I would add to lube that needle up with some oil! I had no fancy oil for my machine, so I grabbed some Olive Oil, and it worked wonders. Just use a Q-tip and dab some on and around the needle to let it slide through the sequins more easily.
And hopefully, just hopefully, your project goes a lot smoother than mine. For now, I will leave the sequins in the sidelines for awhile. I need sewing to be my "happy place".