Saturday, May 26, 2012

Teal Ruffle Tie Dress {a DBS Tutorial}

I have a new comfy knit dress to wear and it cost me pretty much nothing! Love that! I've had this teal ribbing in my stash that I inherited from one of my "old ladies" and thought I would use it for necklines and cuffs, but upon further inspection, I realized that it was one continuous piece of rib knit. I thought that was so unusual, but apparently you can buy it like this. What do I know!? I thought it would make a great dress (with no side seams) and I'm so glad that I finally got some selfish sewing done! It also goes great with my colorful felt bib necklace, which I had to make to add a pop of color to my outfit! I wanted to wear it to my first Sew Classy Class to inspire my awesome students! That was pretty fun!
Abe wanted in on the photo op...I mean, he is the prettiest golden you've ever seen, right?

So, this dress isn't hard at all, so I put together a little tute for you guys. You need a couple yards of rib knit material and the continuous kind, so that you have no side seams. I think my fabric was like 27'' across by 45'' long, but I can't exactly remember! Sorry! Just make sure it is long enough for YOU! Other than that, you just need enough elastic to go around the top of the dress. I actually used 1/2'' elastic, but probably should have used 1''. It holds me up fine with a 1/2''. Just make sure to try on the dress before you completely close the elastic casing closed.

Ready to get started?
I am experimenting with writing the text on the photos... let me know how you like that! I can go back to typed font if that is more user friendly!
A triple stretch stitch is the one with 3 lines, if you don't have that stitch a normal straight stitch is fine, just increase your stitch length to a 0.4 or 0.5.

 I had some excess seam and I just left it. You can trim it if you want.

I love that this dress can be dressed up or down. It's the perfect pool-side bathing suit cover up, but could be worn to a little party with fun jewelery, too!
I hope you enjoyed that little tute! I had the hardest time trying to find the best way to make the tie casing, but eventually inspected a dress in my closet and decided this was the best way! I didn't finish the hems on the bottom of the dress, but you can most certainly do it! And of course, I'd love to see any and all creations made by you added to my flickr group! {And can I tell you that flickr was completely and utterly UNHELPFUL at resolving my logging in issue. They only have email support and only half answered my first case and completely ignored my 2nd case. So, since I can't live without them, I made an entirely new account and created a new Designs By Sessa Flickr group and everything. It's just crazy that I can see my entire photostream, but can't log in and even more so that I can't call someone to talk to them!!! Moving on though, because it kind of makes me fume a bit... }

Now, go make a dress!  haha!