Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I've Been up to!

My little sister got married this past weekend in Alexandria, VA! Hence the quietness on my part on the web. It was a crazy weekend and very tiring on us with traveling with Cai, sleeping in a hotel room together, and staying up late partying it up on Saturday night! It was so fun despite the tiredness! Cai actaully danced the night away and Hart finally took him up to our room at 9:30 pm to go to bed. Cai was the first one on the dance floor and believe me he had some moves. I guess being a dance teacher and his exposure to dance made him pretty comfortable on the dance floor.
Seriously... I've never seen a 20 month old with moves like that... we  kept saying... why couldn't we find out video camera before we left?! 

Then, on Monday, I had a Fire Marshall come to our house to do our final inspection for Fire Safety in order to adopt our next baby and we did NOT pass. We live in a house built in the 1960s so our windows would not open wide enough in the adopted child's bedroom to pass the newer fire codes, so now we are working on getting an emergency exit window for our spare room that meets the state requirements.

Besides that, I have lost access to my flickr account somehow, which is really annoying since I store many pictures and love commenting on all the flickr group fun going on in Blogland on a daily basis. I'm currently waiting for flickr's support to email me back, since they don't have phone support! Here's to praying that they can work out whatever this is!

And speaking of flickr...Michelle uploaded her cute version to the Designs By Sessa Flickr Group of my button down refashion! I wish I could log in to actually show the picture here on DBS, but instead, you will need to click here to see her cute top! 

I have been doing the most interesting & fun sewing project ever... sewing 7 little Dorothy aprons that I designed and put together. I guess this is what happens when your mother owns a dance studio and it is recital time!
Lastly, I am gearing up for teaching my very first sewing class on Thursday night! I have 4 students signed up for my Sew Classy Beginner, Beginner class! I'm getting excited and my mentor Carla is going to come to offer support for my first time, too, so I'm excited about that!
Other than that, I've got quite a lot on my selfish sewing project list and just can't wait until I have the time to DO it!

Have you guys felt this busy, too!?