Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zzz... Toddler Sleepsack w/ Ikea Fabric

Designs By Sessa now has a flickr group! Right now, I am the only member... it's feeling kind of lonely in there, soooo.... I thought it would be fun if you guys wanted to show off some of the things you have made with Ikea fabric! Then, I will pick some to show off until the Ikea giveaway closes on Mother's Day!!! Sound fun? Simply upload your pictures to flickr, join Designs By Sessa group, and then add them to the Designs By Sessa group! I can't wait to see what you guys have made!

Check out the newest item I have sewn with the Julita from Ikea! This fabric is pretty weird and abstract, but all over it are things that remind me of childhood dreams, so... I thought it was perfect to become a Toddler Sleep sack! I will share a tutorial soon with downloadable pattern pieces! (My first time trying that and I need my husband...aka the DBS website director to help with all of that!)
I kept feeling like I was making a dress, because it kind of could be a dress if you didn't close up the bottom!
The top half if that green interlock that I'm sure you've seen before (Naomi's leggings and Cai's Knit pants). It's all used up now, so I promise the green interlock days are over! I added the Zzz.. embroidery by machine, just for another little something. Although, it's cute plain, too.
This is what happens when you stick a sleep sack on a toddler right in the middle of independent play... they just keep playing.
He started jumping around in it. Pretty hilarious. We honestly don't even wear sleep sacks around here, or haven't since he was teeny tiny, but I've seen that leg try to get up and out of the crib already on our video monitor... I'm hoping this will slow that child down just a tad!
Probably not.
He wasn't so sure when I stuck him in his crib for a quick picture... lol

I hope you will join me in the Designs By Sessa flickr group! I'd love to see any and all Ikea creations! And I promise to have the tutorial soon!

Happy Sewing!