Friday, June 29, 2012

The Transition to the Big Boy Bed!

Here is the start of Micaiah's Big Boy Room! I just wanted to show you what I was talking about concerning this vintage hand-made quilt. Isn't it so cool!? And perfect for his room! The stains almost came out completely in the stain wash cycle on my front loading machine, and I think the sun will do the rest, but I was so excited to show you what is happening in there that I went ahead and threw it on the bed, which we already decided to set up to get Cai used to it! We are definitely NOT trying to push him to be ready for a big boy bed. I think our thinking is that having it already in his room, we will be lying on it to cuddle, read, and hang out, so when he does eventually want to sleep in it, he is already used to it being in his room. I will need the crib to get it ready for our next baby we are adopting soon. We will move this bed to where his crib is currently, once he's ready to move over.
***EDIT: I wrote this post this morning and my toddler is currently asleep in his big boy bed... he tried hoisting himself out of the crib and jumping into my arms. I'd say we are pretty ready to ditch the crib!***
Right now, the bed sticks straight out forming an L with his crib and we have only a little space on this side where his book shelf is, but it's temporary, so I'm okay with it for now. We will have more space to play, once the crib is gone. Sniffle-Sniffle!

I really don't know much about quilts. I have not a clue what kind of pattern this is, if it is anything remarkable or what, but I am fairly confident that this was completely hand stitched. I'm sure some of you could chime in. Maybe I am wrong!? All I know is that this quilt has been passed down from Hart's parent's side of the family and that it is fairly old AND pretty awesome!
***EDIT: Hart's mom read this post and told me that she was ecstatic that I am using it and that it was her great grandmother's quilt! Pretty cool that it was made by my son's great great great great grandmother!****
I decided to go ahead and make a couple quick pillows with the last scrap piece I had leftover from Micaiah's nursery curtains. The larger pillow is an envelop back style! those are so easy to do!  And then, I made the smaller pillow from the Baggies shirt sleeve! I just turned it inside out, made it like a rectangle and stitched. It wasn't hard and now I'm giving you something ELSE you can turn those XL leftover shirt sleeves into! I did use stuffing in this pillow since it was on the small end and didn't require much!
So there you have it! The start of our Big Boy Room Transition! I'm ready to get the fabric I ordered, so I can do more! I have already loved having a bed in there instead of the glider, because everyone can lay on it and cuddle while reading! Plus, I'm usually so ready to lie down by bedtime that it has been so comfortable!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shazam!!! Shorts on the Line Sponors, Prizes, and Rules!!!!

$25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop
scissors gift bag from Havel's Sewing (valued over $65)
five yards of super fly from Sis Boom
finch pattern from Clever Charlotte
$40 gift certificate from Sew Fresh Fabrics
interfacing gift bag from Pellon (valued over $50)
three signed patterns from Sew Serendipity
three patterns (winner's choice) from Petite Kids Boutique

$25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop
$100 gift certificate from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store
notions and fabric from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store (valued over $100)
two patterns from Oliver + S
two yards of fabric from Pink Castle Fabrics

$25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop
eight yards of fabric from Fabric Traditions
fat quarter bundle from Contemporary Cloth
banyan pattern from Figgy's
$25 gift certificate to Zip-It Zippers
three patterns (winner's choice) from Sew Sweet Patterns
three patterns from Wild Olive
precision embroidery scissors from OLFA
$20 gift certificate to Sew, Mama, Sew!
iris pattern from Colette Patterns

$25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop
five yards of fabric (winner's choice) from IKEA
$25 gift certificate to Fresh-Squeezed Fabrics
three patterns (winner's choice) from Owly Baby


Okay ladies (and gents) the rules are quite simple:
1. Sew (or knit/crochet) a pair of shorts. Adult and child sizes welcome. Anything that is shorter than a pant (capris, clam diggers, bloomers, swim trunks) is considered fair game.
2. Shorts must have been completed during the sewalong: July 1-26, 2012. (It's okay if you started early, but they must have been sewn for the contest and finished during the sewalong.)
3. Upcycling and refashion are encouraged, but simply chopping off a pair of jeans won't win you any fabulous prizes.
4. Enter to win by submitting no more than three pictures to the flickr group. Be sure to add a description (links to blog posts are okay), the more we know about what you did the easier it will be for us to be impressed!

Judging Criteria

All entries will be judged on the following criteria:
1. Craftsmanship: high quality construction, nice finishing
2. Creativity: design, fabric choice, unique style
3. Wearablity: functional, well-fitting
4. Presentation: nice photos, cute styling


Our fabulous and amazing sponsors are, well, amazing!!
Zip-It Zippers

Does that not completely rock your world!? I am SO excited to have all of these amazing sponsors, fabulous prizes, guest bloggers, and judges lined up for this event!!! I am getting crazy out of my mind excited with being able to see what you guys come up with!!! Just a couple more days until it all starts!!!! Go get busy sewing! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cai's Big Boy Bed Design Idea

Well, it looks like we are getting to have a climber on our hands. He hasn't climbed out of his crib yet, but I'm going to go ahead and set up a twin bed in his room for him to get used to before we make the big big boy bed transition. He climbed out of the pacnplay today 3 times! So, I'm sure the crib is next.

I've got an old vintage hand-made navy and white quilt that I am going to use for his bedspread. I'm hoping to get a few yellow spots out of it... any ideas? 

It's perfect timing, because we just moved my grandparents and they had an extra twin bed that they didn't need in their new house! THANK YOU, Nana and Grandpa!

The bed only has the bottom frame, so it is the perfect opportunity to do a DIY Upholstered Headboard. I used my PR&P giftcard and got these two fabrics to use in his room along with his window fabrics.

This is his room right now:
 But, imagine some toys on the floor, of course!

Upholstered Headboard and Pillow:

Sham Fabric: 

We will continue with the nautical theme and work with what we already have. It's a little "Americana" but I think it will blend well with what we have going on in there. I'm excited to have ordered this fabric and have a new project to work on soon!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh, How I love my husband!

Bedtime can't get any more fun around our house....
 I bring Micaiah in and lay him on our changing table. I turned around and there sat my husband looking like this ready to read Micaiah his bedtime story!!! It had me almost peeing my pants laughing so hard!
 He loved it, too!
 Weird Corky doll and all.
And as if, Corky could not get any more creepy. I mean, really! There was even some weird light gaze over Corky's face. Corky was my husband's doll when he was a child. It makes me laugh, but Micaiah loves him just as much.

And doesn't Corky kind of look like a Michael Jackson doll like this? Pretty hilarious.

P.S. These are the types of things I post on my family blog, in case you have no clue that I have one... although it is fun to mix things up a bit (whenever I feel like it!)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Blog Etiquette


Can I rant a little bit? Sure I can! This is my blog! I love that!

I have been trying to reflect on why I blog, who am I trying to impress, what does it mean to me, am I searching for outside worth, etc.

At first, I started blogging just for fun.

Then, I forgot about that part and began blogging to keep up with the joneses.

Then, I got tired, because I realized I could never keep up.

Then, I started feeling like if I had ONE big break, then that would be IT for me and I'd be THERE. Not really sure where THERE was, but THERE.

Then, I realized that is foolishness and I was making my blog an idol in my life. 

Lately I've been seeing a lot of bloggers defending why they aren't blogging as much, because it is summer, or stating why they have been out of the loop in Blogland, or why there's not been much sewing done to show off.

Let me say this as clearly as I can.



Let go! Go get in a pool. Laugh with your kids. Spend the entire day outside. Play baseball with sticks and a tennis ball in the street with your neighbor kids. Go for runs by the river.

I n these reflections of mine what I have realized is that I personally like a slower paced blogging style. I do NOT feel the need to have a regularly scheduled program on my blog or to do a gazillion sewing tutorials for people to take notice. I did once, but not any more!

And what I think is that you should not feel guilty if you do not either.

I love blogging. I love the friends I have met through this online world. I love meeting people that are similar to me that I would not normally meet. I think that some people don't realize what this community is all about, but you develop little relationships which are fun and it is SO inspiring.

At one point, I thought I wanted to make my blog more like an online sewing business and pursue sponsorship. Then, I realized that I hated sewing for other people, for the most part. Yes, I am completely selfish in this area, unless it's making gifts for people, but the idea of keeping up an inventory for an online store, just is NOT what I want to focus on. And to be honest, I don't like feeling the pressure of deadlines to get stuff done! I did that once. It was called COLLEGE!

Although, I will admit that I do like doing "sponsored" posts where companies send me stuff to review. That is usually fun, for the most part, because I can say "YES!" or "NO!" to the items and getting free stuff is always fun. I actually have a really fun one coming up in August, too, which I am really excited about.

Sorry... back to the rant...

I really, really, really, really, really loved this blog post on tossing blog etiquette out the window. I feel like anyone that blogs "somewhat seriously" should read it. And I love her first two main resolutions the most.

Blogging WHATEVER you want WHENEVER you want and not worrying about the numbers.

I realize that I am saying this literally 5 days before I co-host my first official sewalong, but this is something that I have been thinking about seriously and I know that after Shorts on the Line is over, I myself plan on taking a much needed blogging break, except for a couple already committed to commitments in August.

I feel like I am in a really busy season of my life and this blog needs to compliment that, not overtake it.

This fall I am actually starting to take on running my mom's dance studio along with her. We will both be directing it, and I want to make more time for my family, so with all that said, I don't want constraints on me to do XYZ for the blog or XYZ for someone else sewing-wise. I want to have time for teaching some more Sew Classy Sewing Classes. I want sewing and blogging to be a fun outlet for my creative passion and otherwise leave it at that. I want to continue keeping the blog friends I have and maybe eventually add more.

I do not want to be a professional blogger. I am happy with that decision and I will be staying strong in that, but hey, I may need some accountability!

I hope I still can inspire my readers in the process of this new decision and enjoy how God made me to be.

And I'm glad I am making this decision now versus chasing it to the "top". I realize I may not be considered the coolest blogger ever or always be invited to everything, but this is who I am and I want my blog to reflect that!

So.... the moral of the story is "BLOG WHATEVER YOU WANT WHENEVER YOU WANT! And BE HAPPY!"

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pretty Hair

I wore my hair like this to church a month ago and I came across the photo when I was posting about this time on our family blog and thought, hey! that was so pretty! And honestly I have no clue how it happened... this is what I did (not looking the entire time).

Twist it back on either side, pin, twist it all like in a bun and hold and stick bobby pins in all over the lower part of your head near the bun area and criss cross those pins over themselves as you stick them in, use a flower to cover up the "ugly" spot and wonder if you could ever do it quite like this again!? haha!

We will HOPE!!!

If you've been around this blog, you have known that in a really small way I have been trying to support a couple families that are adopting children. After I started promoting their adoptions, however small it is on here, given a tiny bit of my extra sewing stash money, and tried to reach out to others for them, I have been all the while praying BIG prayers for them! I have been checking Maria's blog like a crazy woman wondering when that POST was going to come and I was so excited when I read today about a sweet baby girl that may be joining their family!

God is completely in control of their situation, but we will HOPE in the Lord that this baby girl is soon to be Ruth Hope Ferguson to join this precious family...
It's seriously a beautiful story about how God may be weaving their lives together with a baby girl in a hospital room right this very minute. So you should click that link up there and go read it.

And pray that Ruth will be healthy and strong despite some health problems and that all of the paperwork and agency stuff would happen quickly, so that they would be approved for this little girl! I know God is so in control, so please keep lifting them up!

And as for us, our window guy is coming to install our new up to code Fire Window TOMORROW, so that we can move on in our process, too! Please pray he gets it in and that nothing stalls this from happening! Thanks!

Shorts on the Line Guest Judge Line-up!

shorts on the line button

Today is the day that all of your jaws can just drop to the floor...
because we have an incredible guest judge line-up for Shorts on the Line!

Kimberly form Fat Quarter Shop
  Kristin from Sew, Mama, Sew!
Erin from Pellon
Julie from Sewn Studio
Sara from Sew Sweetness
Kate from See Kate Sew
Kay from Sew Serendipity
Susan from Living with Punks

TA - DA!!! They are AMAZING!

We are so grateful to have each and every one of them come alongside us and judge Shorts on the Line! Thank you so much! I know they can't wait to see what you come up with! Only 10 more days until Shorts on the Line Kick-off!

Get excited!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shorts on the Line Inspiration

First of all, I had NO idea how much my little striped baggies shorts for Cai would be loved SO much by you! Thank you SO much for showing me that love and for rocking my socks off with comments and support and features! That was amazing! They actually got picked up by and got featured on their homepage for the weekend! That was pretty fun, because I got a free 3 month membership to their site! Thank you, Editors! Haha!

We have been enjoying a beautiful Father's Day with my amazing hub-daddy, Hart! We had Shrimp & Grits with my step-dad, then floated in the pool with Hart's dad and mom in the beautiful sunshine! I missed my dad across the country, but I am so thankful for all the dads in my life and for our Heavenly Father that loves us so! I hope yours was awesome, too!
I've been doing some shorts sewing getting ready for Shorts on the Line and I've been pinning shorts like crazy to the Shorts on the Line Pinterest Board, so I hope that you have been checking that out, making your notes, and are getting ready to sew up some fab shorts to show off, because we have some fab prizes to reveal this week! Yay!

There's tons of Shorts Inspiration on Pinterest and I've been having a ton of fun with it! I thought I'd show some of the most interesting shorts I've spotted so far!

These are so crazy and fun, and while I personally like a longer more "modest is hottest" type of shorts, some of these were just too good to pass by....
(click the picture to be taken to the pin/blog... if it was a legit blog, so many of these original links have been lost via pinterest/other's blogs)
You know I won't be doing any sequin sewing for awhile, but these did kind of tempt me... even though they are so crazy I could only teach dance in them! Pretty sure my students would love them!
  Could you imagine me heading to the grocery store in these bad boys?! You know it!
that was a joke...
On a more serious note... I really do LOVE these ikat tribal shorts from Fashion Distraction! Wow!
And what about these fantastic scalloped lace edged beauties in emerald green! I know someone wants to knock these off, right!?!
There's just something about these vintage shorts (no longer available from this etsy seller!). Very classy, don't ya think!? Although I know I would look like a big grandma in them!

However, these crochet shorts are so cute! The bottom picture is my fav! I think I just like the big comfy sweater paired with them!

And I'm kind of with Colette on asking the question... why are these J.Crew shorts $400!!!
You see, I can only imagine those shorts looking good on a skinny model. No mama with a slight baby pooch would like how those flutters would accentuate that area!

Fashion is so fun, even with shorts. As you can tell, I kind of view fashion through the eye of being a mama. One of the reasons why I wanted to do this whole sewalong was because I would stare at the boring stash of summer shorts in my closet and I knew I needed the push to step out and create some shorts that I would enjoy! While I don't see myself in anything that resembles the above, more like below...

I have to admit that fashion is just fun to watch! What do you think about some of these shorts... would you be caught out in them?!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shorts on the Line Schedule! Get excited!

Only a few weeks until the official kick-off of shorts on the line!! what can you do to be ready? Start thinking about shorts, of course! Also, check out the shorts inspirations and tutorials we've added to the shorts on the line pinterest board and join the shorts on the line flickr group.

shorts on the line button

I'm really exited about this schedule. Each week each of us will take turns hosting the sewalong on our blogs. We have some AMAZINGLY talented sewists and bloggers for you to get inspired, for sure! Here's the (mostly) official schedule:

7.1 shorts on the line kick-off!

week one: imagine gnats
7.2 Rachael (imagine gnats) and Melanie (A Sewing Journal)
7.3 Courtney (mon petit lyons) and Inder (Inder Loves Folk Art)
7.4 Rashida (i heart linen) and April (Sewing Novice)
7.5 Andrea (the train to crazy) and Kristy (Hopeful Threads)
7.6 Shannon (luvinthemommyhood) and Erin & Carla (Clever Charlotte)
7.7 Emma (Hello Beautiful) and Cassandra (Cass Can Sew)
7.8 Gail (probably actually) and Becky (Owly Baby)

week two: small + friendly
7.9 Carla (small + friendly) and Sophie (cirque du bebe)
7.10 Ros (Sew Delicious) and Veronica (sewVery)
7.11 Shelly (Figgy's) and Alyssa (Pile O'Fabric)
7.12 Jessica (a little gray) and Diane (from blank pages)
7.13 Kristin (skirt as top) and Kelley (Casa Crafty)
7.14 Katie (There and Back) and Tara (girl like the sea)
7.15 Alli (B. Yazoo) and Jennet (Feathered Nest Studios)

week three: Designs by Sessa
7.16 Vanessa (Designs by Sessa) and Jessica (Me Sew Crazy)
7.17 Cherie (You and Mie) and Jane (Buzzmills)
7.18 Karen (Sew Well Maide) and Stephanie (The Crafty Kitty)
7.19 Bianca (Sweet Diesel Designs) and Tara (true, pure, lovely)
7.20 Jenny (Jenny Bartoy Handmade) and Susan & Adrianna (crafterhours)
7.21 Danny (Mommy for Reals) and Marian (Lady Face)
7.22 Jill (Made With Moxie) and Christina (2 Little Hooligans)

features and deadline
7.23 sewalong features, Rachael's favorites
7.24 sewalong features, Carla's favorites
7.25 sewalong features, Vanessa's favorites
7.26 final deadline for shorts sewalong entries
7.27 viewers choice voting begins

winners annoucements
7.28 judges' choice third place announced
7.29 judges' choice second place announced
7.30 viewers choice winner announced
7.31 judges' choice first place announced

Isn't that just simply amazing!? I can't help, but remember that when this idea started I had "TEENY TINY" expectations, but do you know that God has made it AWESOME!? And it's due to my amazing co-hosts and due to the willingness of the others in our online sewing community! As this whole thing was coming together, all three of us kept doing these happy dances, because not only did we have so many Yes's (I mean, we have 2 guest posters PER DAY!, but we have some amazing, and I mean TOP NOTCH sponsors and prizes that have come along side us!!! Can't wait to reveal those!

 Stay tuned next week for our guest judge line-up reveal! And just wait until you see the sponsors and prizes. All is can say is "WOW!!!"... I hope you'll be sewing along with us!!

Love in Christ,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guest Post: Cropped Jersey Baggies at Project Run & Play!

Hey guys! I've been so busy planning shorts on the line and organizing our Fall and Summer dance year that I haven't had much time to blog, well, I have ... just not here!!! I'm guest posting today at Project Run & Play! Please go check it out! I made some cute boy's shorts that are perfect for summer and may just be the inspiration you need to make some shorts for your cutie for our upcoming sewalong!
These are SO comfy and SO great for a boy! I found these thin sweatshirts for $1.47 at Old Navy! I cut them up and ... wait a minute... you will have to read the rest at PR&P here!

And if you are stopping by from PR&P, I'm so glad to have you! I'd love it if you'd want to stick around and follow my blog, but more importantly, be a new friend!

Have a great day!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Coming Summer 2012 "Shorts on the Line"... a summer sewalong

shorts on the line button

Y'all, I'm so excited to tell you about this brand new sewing event!! This July my two most favorite bloggers and I, imagine gnatsDesigns by Sessa, and small + friendly, will be hosting "shorts on the line", a summer shorts sewalong!!! I seriously love these ladies! We actually all 3 won being in the Top 25 Most Creative Mom Blogs together and have been sweet friends for quite some time now! They are the best! Even though I have never met them in real life I know we would get along great! Like for example, last night we were signing off email toasting our glasses of wine from the west coast to the east coast and right smack in the middle!

The Sewalong will be held for the first three weeks in July. We'll be sharing some awesome guest posts with shorts inspiration, tutorials, and pattern reviews. Those sewing along at home will have a chance to be featured in our sewalong round-up posts the last week of July.... and some *great* prizes, including fabric, patterns, and gift certificates! Really, the prizes for this event are out of this WORLD exciting!

The full sponsor list and guest post schedule will be coming soon. Until then, you can check out our shorts on the line Pinterest board for some short-y inspiration. So, start making your plans and get ready! It's going to be great!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the Nola dress (& pretty pink party)

One of my absolute favorite things to do is sew for my family and friends! My best friend from college, Stephanie, has the sweetest little girl! I love them both to death! Steph threw Nola the prettiest and most feminine little 1st birthday party ever. It was pinterest perfect for sure! I wish we didn't live states away from each other!
You should see all the other details at just a vapor here. I think my favorite was her old window photo timeline idea and hanging those balloons upside down.
And I love that Steph has gotten into sewing and is doing all sorts of cute projects now like this cute burlap 1 she made for their front door.
 Is that not just stinking cute?! You see, I get to have all the boy-ish fun and my best friend gets to have all the girl-ish fun! It's a fun combo!

My sweet gift to an even sweeter little girl was her 1st birthday dress. I felt so honored to do it!
I was very inspired by the word "feminine" and this rose fabric already in my stash, lacey trim and the big pink bow idea came into my head... it was a recipe for "feminine", and I was so happy that she thought it was absolutely perfect, too! It really is just a pillowcase dress, so no tutorial to show off, but I hope you can see how adding things like crocheted lace and a monogram always dresses up a traditional pillowcase dress.
That Nola... already chasing after those boys... watch out! Or maybe she's beating them off with a stick... not quite sure... LOL!

And no worries. Nola loved her pretty petal cake very much!
 One of these days I'm going to rope that Stephanie friend of mine into co-authoring Designs By Sessa. She has been doing some cute sewing of her own, so it won't be long before she needs a better place to show her projects off... haha!

Happy Birthday little LaLa! We love you!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Mia Skirt

I promise this is the last post about the Myrissa and Mia Skirts! Both the Myrissa Skirt and the Mia Skirt use the Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirt pattern that is FREE! It really is such a simple skirt pattern and can be made into any size. Mia's skirt was a couple inches shorter than Myrissa's skirt and honestly I love this pocket detail even more than her sister's! I just think the lace under the bias tape is just so feminine and pretty. I used the same fabric as The Nola Dress (which I have yet to blog about!), only using teal bias tape gives it an edge that I think makes it stand out in a completely different way!

When I first looked at this pattern, I kind of had the think a moment about what it was talking about on how to finish the lower hem. Then I felt like a dummy! However, I thought I would explain in photos for some of you.. The pattern outlines using ribbon, but wide bias tape works great, too.
 Turn your skirt inside out and pin the wrong side of your bias tape or ribbon to the wrong side of the skirt all the way around the skirt 1/2'' above the raw bottom edge. Sew along the top edge of the bias tape, which will become the bottom hem once turned around.
 Turn your skirt right side out and fold the bias tape up towards the top of the skirt encasing the raw edge inside of the bias tape. An iron here worked great. Then, pin the bias tape to the skirt.
 Sew all the way around the skirt again and you have a finished hem!
I did the same thing with my pocket. I made a little rounded pocket out of freezer paper and then cut my fabric out. I did the same technique above with the top of the pocket along the top edge using bias tape, but I slipped in some lace for an added detail before completely sewing the bias tape down the second time. Other pocket details were that I zig zagged the raw edge, tucked them under and pinned and sewed the pocket to the skirt.
Bias tape is so easy to use and so nice to encase those raw edges and I personally like the look of the flat wide bias tape like this versus just sewing bias tape folded around a skirt's edge, which can definitely be cute, too! Just preference!
I hope you enjoyed this little pattern review and I hope you will sew up some for the girl's in your life or maybe for the upcoming Skirting the Issue cause! I think a blue and white gingham with red bias tape would be so cute for the 4th of July! Maybe I will have to do that for my niece! My sewing to-do is SO long right now!