Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bless the Lord, Oh my Soul...

I had a harder week counting my blessings, but what was crazy was that it made me focus and look more for my blessings, even though I wasn't "feeling" it this week. I had to search for them. I had to squint and hold a hand over my head trying to shade my eyes to find them, but you know what, they were there nonetheless. My discontentment could have reigned, but my blessings were bigger. It actually made me feel like I had more to share this week. 

31. how after Cai's nap one day this week, he wanted me to crawl in his crib & play "Play, Mommy?" So we made his stuffed animals dance
32. wearing stupid sequins on our heads & dancing to our own music we made up (Mommy & Cai)
33. crazy hormone changing emotions that made me a little depressed despite my blessings
34. picking fresh blueberries from our neighbor's bushes (for free) in the sunshine
35. baking blueberry muffins with Mia & Myrissa
36. sweet friends coming over for my Girl's Night, drinking wine and laughing at how many babies we are going to have (apparently I am having 5. Four boys and a girl. Yipee! At least I get a girl...haha!)
37. Cleaning my sewing area with Hart, putting up a new bigger table that will be an ironing board, too
38. floating in an intertube talking to my MIL about what's going on in my heart
39. both of our cars now have working air conditioners. the reminder that being hot is temporary & will be forgotten
40. loving the words to Matt Redman's 10,000 Reasons "Bless the Lord, Oh my Soul" song
41. watching my husband play yet another awesome instrument on our church stage. I can't believe his talent sometimes
42. reading the Bible after we eat and the reminder that regular food will only fill for a short time, but eternal "food" feeds our souls forever
43. his kiss before my head hit the pillow

Counting my blessings...
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