Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the Nola dress (& pretty pink party)

One of my absolute favorite things to do is sew for my family and friends! My best friend from college, Stephanie, has the sweetest little girl! I love them both to death! Steph threw Nola the prettiest and most feminine little 1st birthday party ever. It was pinterest perfect for sure! I wish we didn't live states away from each other!
You should see all the other details at just a vapor here. I think my favorite was her old window photo timeline idea and hanging those balloons upside down.
And I love that Steph has gotten into sewing and is doing all sorts of cute projects now like this cute burlap 1 she made for their front door.
 Is that not just stinking cute?! You see, I get to have all the boy-ish fun and my best friend gets to have all the girl-ish fun! It's a fun combo!

My sweet gift to an even sweeter little girl was her 1st birthday dress. I felt so honored to do it!
I was very inspired by the word "feminine" and this rose fabric already in my stash, lacey trim and the big pink bow idea came into my head... it was a recipe for "feminine", and I was so happy that she thought it was absolutely perfect, too! It really is just a pillowcase dress, so no tutorial to show off, but I hope you can see how adding things like crocheted lace and a monogram always dresses up a traditional pillowcase dress.
That Nola... already chasing after those boys... watch out! Or maybe she's beating them off with a stick... not quite sure... LOL!

And no worries. Nola loved her pretty petal cake very much!
 One of these days I'm going to rope that Stephanie friend of mine into co-authoring Designs By Sessa. She has been doing some cute sewing of her own, so it won't be long before she needs a better place to show her projects off... haha!

Happy Birthday little LaLa! We love you!