Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh, How I love my husband!

Bedtime can't get any more fun around our house....
 I bring Micaiah in and lay him on our changing table. I turned around and there sat my husband looking like this ready to read Micaiah his bedtime story!!! It had me almost peeing my pants laughing so hard!
 He loved it, too!
 Weird Corky doll and all.
And as if, Corky could not get any more creepy. I mean, really! There was even some weird light gaze over Corky's face. Corky was my husband's doll when he was a child. It makes me laugh, but Micaiah loves him just as much.

And doesn't Corky kind of look like a Michael Jackson doll like this? Pretty hilarious.

P.S. These are the types of things I post on my family blog, in case you have no clue that I have one... although it is fun to mix things up a bit (whenever I feel like it!)