Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shorts on the Line Inspiration

First of all, I had NO idea how much my little striped baggies shorts for Cai would be loved SO much by you! Thank you SO much for showing me that love and for rocking my socks off with comments and support and features! That was amazing! They actually got picked up by and got featured on their homepage for the weekend! That was pretty fun, because I got a free 3 month membership to their site! Thank you, Editors! Haha!

We have been enjoying a beautiful Father's Day with my amazing hub-daddy, Hart! We had Shrimp & Grits with my step-dad, then floated in the pool with Hart's dad and mom in the beautiful sunshine! I missed my dad across the country, but I am so thankful for all the dads in my life and for our Heavenly Father that loves us so! I hope yours was awesome, too!
I've been doing some shorts sewing getting ready for Shorts on the Line and I've been pinning shorts like crazy to the Shorts on the Line Pinterest Board, so I hope that you have been checking that out, making your notes, and are getting ready to sew up some fab shorts to show off, because we have some fab prizes to reveal this week! Yay!

There's tons of Shorts Inspiration on Pinterest and I've been having a ton of fun with it! I thought I'd show some of the most interesting shorts I've spotted so far!

These are so crazy and fun, and while I personally like a longer more "modest is hottest" type of shorts, some of these were just too good to pass by....
(click the picture to be taken to the pin/blog... if it was a legit blog, so many of these original links have been lost via pinterest/other's blogs)
You know I won't be doing any sequin sewing for awhile, but these did kind of tempt me... even though they are so crazy I could only teach dance in them! Pretty sure my students would love them!
  Could you imagine me heading to the grocery store in these bad boys?! You know it!
that was a joke...
On a more serious note... I really do LOVE these ikat tribal shorts from Fashion Distraction! Wow!
And what about these fantastic scalloped lace edged beauties in emerald green! I know someone wants to knock these off, right!?!
There's just something about these vintage shorts (no longer available from this etsy seller!). Very classy, don't ya think!? Although I know I would look like a big grandma in them!

However, these crochet shorts are so cute! The bottom picture is my fav! I think I just like the big comfy sweater paired with them!

And I'm kind of with Colette on asking the question... why are these J.Crew shorts $400!!!
You see, I can only imagine those shorts looking good on a skinny model. No mama with a slight baby pooch would like how those flutters would accentuate that area!

Fashion is so fun, even with shorts. As you can tell, I kind of view fashion through the eye of being a mama. One of the reasons why I wanted to do this whole sewalong was because I would stare at the boring stash of summer shorts in my closet and I knew I needed the push to step out and create some shorts that I would enjoy! While I don't see myself in anything that resembles the above, more like below...

I have to admit that fashion is just fun to watch! What do you think about some of these shorts... would you be caught out in them?!