Friday, June 29, 2012

The Transition to the Big Boy Bed!

Here is the start of Micaiah's Big Boy Room! I just wanted to show you what I was talking about concerning this vintage hand-made quilt. Isn't it so cool!? And perfect for his room! The stains almost came out completely in the stain wash cycle on my front loading machine, and I think the sun will do the rest, but I was so excited to show you what is happening in there that I went ahead and threw it on the bed, which we already decided to set up to get Cai used to it! We are definitely NOT trying to push him to be ready for a big boy bed. I think our thinking is that having it already in his room, we will be lying on it to cuddle, read, and hang out, so when he does eventually want to sleep in it, he is already used to it being in his room. I will need the crib to get it ready for our next baby we are adopting soon. We will move this bed to where his crib is currently, once he's ready to move over.
***EDIT: I wrote this post this morning and my toddler is currently asleep in his big boy bed... he tried hoisting himself out of the crib and jumping into my arms. I'd say we are pretty ready to ditch the crib!***
Right now, the bed sticks straight out forming an L with his crib and we have only a little space on this side where his book shelf is, but it's temporary, so I'm okay with it for now. We will have more space to play, once the crib is gone. Sniffle-Sniffle!

I really don't know much about quilts. I have not a clue what kind of pattern this is, if it is anything remarkable or what, but I am fairly confident that this was completely hand stitched. I'm sure some of you could chime in. Maybe I am wrong!? All I know is that this quilt has been passed down from Hart's parent's side of the family and that it is fairly old AND pretty awesome!
***EDIT: Hart's mom read this post and told me that she was ecstatic that I am using it and that it was her great grandmother's quilt! Pretty cool that it was made by my son's great great great great grandmother!****
I decided to go ahead and make a couple quick pillows with the last scrap piece I had leftover from Micaiah's nursery curtains. The larger pillow is an envelop back style! those are so easy to do!  And then, I made the smaller pillow from the Baggies shirt sleeve! I just turned it inside out, made it like a rectangle and stitched. It wasn't hard and now I'm giving you something ELSE you can turn those XL leftover shirt sleeves into! I did use stuffing in this pillow since it was on the small end and didn't require much!
So there you have it! The start of our Big Boy Room Transition! I'm ready to get the fabric I ordered, so I can do more! I have already loved having a bed in there instead of the glider, because everyone can lay on it and cuddle while reading! Plus, I'm usually so ready to lie down by bedtime that it has been so comfortable!