Thursday, June 21, 2012

We will HOPE!!!

If you've been around this blog, you have known that in a really small way I have been trying to support a couple families that are adopting children. After I started promoting their adoptions, however small it is on here, given a tiny bit of my extra sewing stash money, and tried to reach out to others for them, I have been all the while praying BIG prayers for them! I have been checking Maria's blog like a crazy woman wondering when that POST was going to come and I was so excited when I read today about a sweet baby girl that may be joining their family!

God is completely in control of their situation, but we will HOPE in the Lord that this baby girl is soon to be Ruth Hope Ferguson to join this precious family...
It's seriously a beautiful story about how God may be weaving their lives together with a baby girl in a hospital room right this very minute. So you should click that link up there and go read it.

And pray that Ruth will be healthy and strong despite some health problems and that all of the paperwork and agency stuff would happen quickly, so that they would be approved for this little girl! I know God is so in control, so please keep lifting them up!

And as for us, our window guy is coming to install our new up to code Fire Window TOMORROW, so that we can move on in our process, too! Please pray he gets it in and that nothing stalls this from happening! Thanks!