Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hand Towel Mini Beach Tote Tutorial

Ready to make a little beach tote bag in like 30 minutes? This beach bag is so easy to make, completely sand friendly, and easy to wash! I promise you can sew it up so easy and fast! I'll show you how! This tutorial is part of the Summer Beach Essentials Series!
  You will need:
-A hand towel
-A wash cloth (optional pocket)
-20 inches of your strap of your choice
-Your sewing materials

Step 1: Cut your 20 inches of strap material in half. This white tape is from Hobby Lobby.
Step 2: Finish your strap edges. Sew a zig zag stitch over the edge of each strap.
 unfishished left/finished right (above)
Step 3: Pin your straps to your hand towel.
Step 4: Sew a one inch square around the bottom of your strap to secure. Repeat on all 4 straps.
Step 5: Turn hand towel inside out (put right sides together). Pin Sides
Step 6: Sew side seams. Start at the folded edge and sew up towards the top edge of your bag.
Decide what you prefer. A more "boxed" bottom corner or a pointy corner. I went with a few extra steps to create the boxed bottom of my tote. If you are fine with the pointy corner, then skip to step 12 for adding the optional pocket. If you do not want a pocket, then you are DONE!
Step 7 (for boxed bottom): Turn your bag inside out and make your corner pointy like so. Make sure your side seam is lying in the middle and facing up. Pin diagonally across the bottom corner.

Step 8 (for boxed bottom): Sew across where you just pinned. Remove pin as you sew.
Step 9 (for boxed bottom): Cut off corner tip.
Step 10 (for boxed bottom): Finish your corner edge as desired. Either zig zag or serge across the straight corner edge.
Step 11 (for boxed bottom corner): Repeat on other side. Both sides should now look like this:
Step 12: Optional Pocket: Fold your wash cloth in half length-wise. Cut in half or at desired pocket size.
Step 13: Turn inside out (right sides together) and sew side seams. (only unfinished edge shown below)
Step 14: Finish unfinished edge as desired with a zig zag or serge. I like to zig zag once, then flip over and zig zag again. Just a preference, but it is least likely to fray. Now you have a pocket!
Step 15: Slip it into your tote and center it around straps. Pin and sew the back of the pocket to the back of your bag.
And you're done! Add a monogram if desired! I did, because I can, and I love them, but you don't have to!
Perfect for the essential sun screen, keys, wallet, and chapstick! Easy to wash and easy to make. My kind of sewing project
 Stay tuned to learn how I made the Mama Sun Hat tomorrow!

Much love,