Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mama Sun Hat

This is item number 2 in my short little Summer Beach Essentials series.
I'm calling it the Mama Sun Hat.
 Basically, I saw Jessica's, from A Little Gray, persimmon sun hat during Project Run and Play and I went crazy over it like everyone else. I often have the thought, man, if only I could have one myself, that would be awesome!!!

Well, you can, assuming you get to work at analyzing a pattern and it's pieces and use a little trial and error. I will say that I would like to re-make this hat again, now that I've done it once and have some kinks worked out. I may provide the pattern pieces I used eventually, but do you see that beach right behind me there? Yes, my toes would rather be in it than scanning in a pattern. Lo siento!
Isn't that nice?! Yes, quite.

Okay, so let's talk about how I made this mama sun hat. First off, I grabbed my Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book. Oh, wait, you don't have that book... well, no worries, Oliver + S has the Reversible Bucket Hat FREE online! It's a kid's pattern, but you can adjust it by tracing it bigger, which is what I did.

Then I measured my head. Apparently my head is only 2 inches bigger than the largest kids size... uh, what?!

Honestly, I don't think my head is very large, or small. I think I have a rather normal sized head, but what do I know. Pretty much nothing about heads, so don't trust me, haha! All I knew is that I could work with 2 inches larger and the largest pattern kids size option. My head was 23 inches in circumference.

I grabbed a sun hat I already had and traced out about an inch larger than the top hat piece from the pattern, made the bill of the hat extend about 4.5 inches and extended the side hat pieces about an inch on either side. I was just on a whim sewing it up, so I chose one of my vintage sheets as fabric (the floral) and worked with that first. My plan was to kind of make a quick version to try on and adjust. So I didn't interface the top of the hat or the side pieces, only the bill. Using a lightweight fabric, you really need to interface all the pieces.

I ended up cutting my pattern down a bit and decided just to keep what I just sewed as the inside of my hat, since no one would really see it, I didn't care how it looked. I wasn't planning on wearing the floral side showing anyways.
So, it does flop a bit more on this side. But whatevs.

I made the adjustments, interfaced (using the heaviest Pellon available) every piece of the yellow fabric and sewed up the 2nd hat. I added white piping to the edge of the hat, which gives it more structure, as well.
 I followed Jessica's no hand sewing method, which completely rocks by the way, and added two lines of stitching all the way around the brim.

Next time, I would lengthen the sides of the hat another inch, so it would be wider, and interface EVERY piece if using a lightweight cotton or vintage sheet.

And to get it less bucket hat like and more "sun hat".... I just kind of worked on pulling down the sides, to make less sticky outy... because you look like a goof this way.... see?
 And a little more "Carolina Cup" classy.... by pulling it down and working that interfacing how you want it.
And there you have it. A mama "bucket" sun hat adapted from a kid's pattern! I love it! I hope you do, too!!!

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Stay tuned for the last item in this little series tomorrow! My beach cover up!

Much love,