Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Flickr Favs for Shorts on the Line

I am loving everything submitted in the Shorts on the Line flickr pool! I'm so excited I get to share my favs right now! Aren't these lovely? And while I hate choosing favorites (like seriously I have about 20 tabs open to individual items that I adored, right now), I know these are just amazing, and you will love them, too! It was hard not to overlap a few of these with Rachael and Carla!

My Top Ten Eleven (in no particular order, because they are all awesome! Another one was added since yesterday and I just couldn't leave it out, hence the Eleven!)

By annanielsen

By CailaMade at Caila Made

By noahandisys mum at Mend and Make New

By rowandoak at Rowan & Oak

By Elegance&Elephants at Elegance & Elephants

By RaeAnnaSun at Sewing Mama RaeAnna

By beach_mom at Siestas and Sewing

By fancybelle at Miss Fancybelle

By AllThisForThem at All This For Them
By  siblynutmeg at siblynutmeg blog

By weeshareblog at Wee Share

Yeah, I know, those rock! Do you want to know something else, I think I'm figuring out my sewing style (finally), because I am drawn to bold prints (chevron, plaids, dots) and feminine touches (lace, flowers, bows). Which I guess I knew all along, but until this moment I don't think I actually figured it out!

Thank you to everyone for your amazing entries!