Monday, July 16, 2012

Shorts on the Line by Buzzmills

Today, I've got a sweet blog friend, Jane from Buzzmills, to guest post as part of the shorts on the line sewalong! Jane is so talented and is always appreciating the beauty in the every day, has two beautiful children she sews for (with awesome ideas to keep them busy), and also manages to run a cute online store! Today she is going to share some awesome beachy shorts that are making me wish I were back there myself!
Hi everyone!  I'm Jane from Buzzmills.  I'm so excited to be here today to share with you my "beachcomber" shorts! Beachcomber title
When I was asked if I wanted to be a part of Shorts on the Line...I paused for a moment to think, summer was getting busy fast!!  Not to mention I had already made a bunch of shorts during KCWCbloomers, cargo shorts, and linen shorts and treasure pocket shorts...
But, oh, I am so happy that pause didn't last long because I LOVE these shorts and what a fun summer series to be a part of!  Have you seen all the great shorts in the Flickr group?

Okay, so lets get started then.  The pattern is adapted to shorts from the basic pocket pants from Growing up Sew Liberated (size 2T for Henry and 3T for Violet).  I actually already had the pattern cut out (yippee!) because I had planned to make these as pants for Violet back in the fall, but never got around to it. I used Flock for the main fabric for both and Wildwood Circles Seaside for the contrast fabric (both winnings from Feather your Nest, yay!).

Anywho, to make the shorts I simply measured Violet and Henry's inseams from the crotch to a bit below their knees and added two inches. I wanted the shorts to be long, thus the beachcomber title, so better to be too long than not long enough. Once I had the shorts together I put them on each kid to get a better idea of where I wanted to hem them.  Alright pants to shorts, easy, done.

The basic pocket pants pattern is so easy, simple and quick to put together and I love the way they look in the end, the fit is perfect!  There are six pattern pieces to cut out, (I omitted the cuffs) front, back, pocket front, and back, waste casing, and the pocket binding.  So the cutting takes a while, but worth it for all of the different special touches you can make to your shorts/pants.  I will definitely be making another pair of these (pants version) come the fall.

So, aside from the fact that the fabrics are obviously "beachy" and that the shorts have a longer length, what makes these shorts beachcombers?... The GIANT cargo pockets on the sides, for shell collecting of course!
Here is my mini tutorial for making cargo pockets: Cargo pockets
First, I put together my shorts a bit differently than was called for in the pattern to account for the addition of the cargo pockets.  I first sewed the fronts together and then sewed the backs together with the front along the side seams.  I did not sew the back pieces together until after I sewed on my cargo pockets.

Moving on to the pocket...
Cut out a rectangle.  For the 2T shorts I used a rectangle that was 6" x 11" and for the 3T shorts the rectangle was 7" x 12".  The shorter length is the height and longer length is the width so be sure to orient your fabric appropriately.
Next, fold and press all edges edge 1/4" toward the wrong side and then again.
Next, measure 1" in from the folded edge along the short (vertical) side, mark on both sides and fold and press wrong sides together.   One inch fold
Edgestitch along this fold.IMG_5252Next, bring the two folds, the edge and the one inch fold, together and press with your iron. IMG_5255
  IMG_5250Repeat along the other short side.
Next fold your rectangle in half bringing the short sides together and then press the center seam.  Open your rectangle up again and measure one inch from the center line on both sides. Center seam
Fold wrong sides together along the one inch markings (in red) and edgestitch the fold.   IMG_5259
IMG_5262Bring the two stitched folds together to meet at the center seam and pin. IMG_5267 IMG_5271Sew two lines across the top edge (one edgestitched and the other about 1/4" in) to pin all of your folds down.  Also, sew one line, about a 1/4" in along your bottom edge (the second line along the bottom of the pocket will come when you sew the pocket onto your shorts). IMG_5266
Once your pocket is made attatch it to your shorts.  Line the center of your pocket up with the side seam of your shorts and just below (~ 1/2") the front pockets.  I hemmed my shorts after placing my cargo pockets, if you do this be sure that your cargo pockets aren't so low that they will run into your hem. IMG_5277
Pin pockets in place (be sure not to catch the front pocket in your pinning or sewing, push it aside). Beginning at the top right edge of your pocket, A)edgestitch through all fabric down approximately 1" then lift up the outer fold and continue to edgestitch along only your bottom fold.  When you get within 1" of the bottom edge bring your outerfold back to sew once again sew through all layers.   IMG_5284
B)Edgestich along the bottom.  Repeat step A along the other side.  Attach your second pocket.
Finish sewing up your shorts, back, inseam and hem, and you are done!   IMG_5340Wrap around the back...IMG_5331
Plenty of room for shell collecting in these shorts! IMG_5422
Thanks so much for having me, Vanessa!! And, thanks for hosting and inspiring me Rachael, Carla and Vanessa!  What fun it's been to see all these shorts!  Oh, and Violet and Henry say thanks too, because they LOVE their shorts!  In fact, upon awaking on our first morning at the beach Violet immediately reached for hers!  Makes a mama smile! :)
Ps...I've got more beachcomber pictures to show...they are just too cute!  Stop by to take a look if you'd like!

I love, love them, Jane! The fabrics are so cute together and the beachy cargo pockets are perfect for shells! I'm going to have to remember these for next summer! Thanks a million for coming by and for sharing these adorable shorts!