Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shorts on the Line by Lady Face

Wow! I can't believe how this week of Shorts on the Line is flying by! Today, I have Marian to post as part of the Shorts on the Line Sewalong! Marian is an avid quilter and she makes beauties like these and currently working on these, and also has an online store where she sells hand-made quilts! Today, she put together a pattern review AND a tutorial! Aren't we the lucky ones! Welcome, Marian!
Hi everyone!  I'm so happy to be here sharing the projects I've made with you as part of the Shorts On The Line Sewalong!

My name is Marian.  I blog at Lady Face and I have two children (3 and 2), a crazy dog, and a wonderful husband.

I made two pairs of shorts, one for each of my kids.  One pair from a pattern, and one from a tutorial. 

Here's the thing about sewing.  I mostly do quilts.  Flat things.  Not clothes.

When I was invited by Rachael of Imaginegnats to participate in this sewalong I thought, I'd better do this or I never will try it on my own!! So I did it, and it wasn't too bad!  

Rachael was so kind to send me a great shorts pattern from Oliver + S (Sketchbook shirt and shorts 6 months - 4 years) and I loved it!

The whole paper pattern thing scares me a bit.  But I forged ahead!  Got my supplies and followed the directions. 

I had gone to JoAnn's and picked up a couple novelty print fabrics specifically for this project.  Matthew (my 3 year old) liked this red boat print and I figured, if I did manage to mess it up, it wouldn't be a huge loss since it didn't cost much.  I got one yard and had a good amount of fabric left over from the 4 year old pattern size. 

Here are some thoughts:
-Easy to follow instructions with pictures
-Glossary of terms is handy when you haven't sewn clothes much but know your way around a sewing machine
-Not too many pieces
-Not too many steps, and once you start, you can see where it's going.
-Great to learn the basic construction process
-I thought it would be harder than it was!

One thing I did differently:
-The instructions have you putting the elastic in at the front of the waistband.  I did mine on the back.  That way any mistakes or visable stitches are on the back and not in plain sight on the front.

I made the 4T size so Matthew can wear them for a while.
Another tip: This tip is from another post during this sewalong but didn't read it until after I'd made mine, and wanted to reiterate this great advice.  Trace the pattern size you need onto freezer paper instead of cutting into the actual pattern.  That way you can reuse all sizes as much as you want!
If a pattern is where you want to start, this is the one.  It's simple to understand, there aren't too many pieces, and once you've made it, you'll want to do it again!

Abby wanted shorts too, so I followed Amy's tutorial here.  Abby picked Ladybugs (also from JoAnn's).  I traced a pair of shorts she has that fit her well and followed Amy's instructions. 

 I tried to hide any potential mistake areas in the inseam.  Specifically, I started and ended the hem here so when I backstitched, it wouldn't stand out as a big bunch of stitches in the front of the shorts. Same as I did with the waistband on Matthew's shorts.

In her tutorial, Amy has you draw above the top of your template shorts so you have enough fabric to fold over and hem.  That creates a waistband and casing for the elastic, without having to cut out and sew on another piece (time saver)!!
The elastic goes in one side and out the other (use a safety pin as she suggests).  Stitch together the ends of the elastic, finish the hem, and you're done!!
2 year olds are hard to photograph sometimes.  She was very literal when I told her to "stand right here" haha!

My thoughts:
-This was super fast and easy! 
-Her explanation on how to draw this was good.  I would add only one thing, to make sure both pieces you need are from the same drawing/sketch.  Otherwise your lines won't match up when you go to sew the two pieces together and you'll have to trim one (guess who did that?!)
-These shorts are super fast and really easy.
-I will be making more of these!

And, always a plus, after putting them on, the kids both went right back to doing what they do!  Both shorts fit very well into their busy moving about and that, in my opinion, means they are a success!! 

Happy Sewing!  Thank you Vanessa for having me!

Thanks so much, Marian! Those are so cute, especially, together! Love them!