Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shorts on the Line by Made with Moxie

It's the last day of our Shorts on the Line guest posts! Get ready to meet Jill from Made with Moxie as part of the Shorts on the Line sewalong! Jill has an adorable online store where she sells cool hand-made night lights and blogs about crafty things and her cute kiddos. I just love her craft space, too! So colorful! Welcome, Jill!

Howdy! I'm Jill from over at Made with Moxie. I'm an arts & crafty woman; a maker. A Jill of All Trades. Bright colors and bold patterns make my heart sing. I try to juggle five times more things than my two hands can manage, so when Rachael of imaginegnats asked me to join Shorts on the Line I jumped at the opportunity. ;)

I decided for this project that I would try my hand at making a pattern from an existing pair of my husband's boxers. They're his favorites and they don't make this fit anymore. Plus, it would kill two birds with one stone because I'd make a pair for him, but then I could steal them too!
For those of you that have never sewn a pair of pants with a fly from a pattern before, this may be a difficult thing to do, since you want to under stand how a fly is assembled. Then again, if you wanted, you could just make a pair for yourself and nix the fly all together since you wouldn't need a functioning fly.

Sewing difficulty: Moderate (Making a pattern with a fly, sewing french seams)

Fabric used: Alexander Henry Los Novios

I will do a future blog post that details how exactly to make your own pattern from an existing pair of boxer shorts and then how to assemble your boxer shorts. So if you have a pair you want to duplicate, please stay tuned! Same bat time, same bat channel!

Until then here are the results.....
A special thanks to my awesome husband for agreeing to let me photograph him in his new boxers and allowing me to post them on the internet.

Thanks, Jill! The construction of these is just so well-done, and I know we will all look forward to your tutorial soon! Thanks for coming by! You are awesome!