Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shorts on the Line by Mommy For Reals

Today, I've got Danny from Mommy for Reals posting for the Shorts on the Line Sewalong! Danny is a new blog friend to me, but she's already "had me at hello" with her zippered pouch tutorial and her tree block. She loves to quilt and post about anything and everything on her mind! Today she's sharing these beauties and her story totally makes me laugh! Love it! Welcome, Danny!

Yipee! It's finally here: my turn to share for Shorts on the Line.

My name is Danny and I blog over at Mommy For Reals. When Rachael first asked me to post for her new series, I struggled with what I should make. Do I make for my daughter, Miss Maze, or do I make for myself?? I never make anything for myself, but she's so sweet and cute and I don't ever really make anything for her either. But, selfishness won out and I decided to make some shorts for myself.


But I'll get into that more as I share my review of Simplicity's New Look 6710.

The pattern started out easy enough. I cut out the pattern (the most tedious part of pattern sewing, if you ask me), laid it out and got to work.

I scanned over the pattern before I started sewing (definitely should ALWAYS read your patterns before beginning), but I didn't pay close enough attention to the supplies list. Luckily for me, I happened to have some hoarded double folded bias tape on hand. It was pink, but it was on hand. As you probably guessed, I wasn't going out to buy a different color!

I liked the look the bias tape gave the pockets and once the shorts were completed, the pockets were the perfect size! I'm a pocket kind of gal. A skirt with pockets? Sigh. A dress with pockets? Swoon. I need a place for binkies and cell phones and little baggies of goldfish crackers. They were easy to assemble and added a great design touch to the completed shorts.

There were a couple sections of the pattern that didn't read well for me. In one place, there was no mention of pressing seams flat when later in the pattern it is apparent the seams needed pressing. The other was an image that completely alluded me. I ended up having to unpick and try again, dismissing the image entirely. Other than those couple places, the assembly of the shorts was easy-peasy.

Now, I have had some experience with Simplicity patterns before this series, so I already knew Simplicity sizes were off. I made a 14 because I wear a 12, but that wasn't big enough. I could have unpicked once the bulk of the shorts were created and I knew they wouldn't fit me, but I chose, instead, to continue with the pattern as-is since I would be writing a review. I wanted the review to be as correct as possible.

So, once the shorts were finished, I had a new mission: figure out the size of the shorts.

I had a ton of people try them on. At one point, I walked around a friend's work asking all the women if they would try them on to let me know if they fit. :)

After all my "research", I discovered these were a tight 10, and since they are supposed to be pajama shorts, I would venture to say they would measure at an 8. I made a 14. It came out an 8. Simplicity, you might want to update your sizing.

It took me a day to make these short, complete with unsewing a couple seams and picking up/dropping off my amazing babysitter (there would have been NO sewing if Maze had her way!) I really wish they fit me because they look uber-comfy! But then again, how could any clothing made with Freespirit not be uber-comfy??

A big thanks to Vanessa for letting me crash her blog today!


Danny, you are hilarious! I can totally picture you walking around someone's work asking them to try on your hand-made shorts! haha! And why don't you mail them to me to try on, they are so cute! haha I really like the pink piping with that green/blue fabric! That's a really fun combo!Thanks for coming and making me laugh! You rock!