Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shorts on the Line by Sweet Deisel Designs

It's my pleasure to have a really sweet blogger come post on my blog today! It's Bianca from Sweet Diesel Designs as part of the Shorts on the Line Sewalong! Bianca makes the most amazing clutches in her shop as well as lots of other adorable hand-made items like her flocked tank, but most importantly, I love her, because of her faith and how that pours out in who she is and what she makes on her blog! Today, she's put together two amazing fabrics to make some seriously cute shorts! Welcome, Bianca!
Hi! I'm Bianca from Sweet Diesel Designs. Though I have not sewn many garments, when I decide to take the plunge I always seem to find myself using Oliver + S patterns to sew for my little ones. Ever since I saw their Class Picnic Shorts pattern I couldn't resist wanting to make a pair for my daughter. They reminded me of a pair of shorts I had when I was girl. So when Rachael from Imagine Gnats asked me to join in on the "shorts on the line" sew along, I knew it would be the best time to get them done and let's be honest, it held me accountable to make them this year. :) Woohoo!  
  • 3/4 yard of main fabric {though for a size 7, I found that I only really needed 1/2 yard}
  • 1/2 yard of facing and trim fabric
  • lightweight fusible interfacing
  • 3/4" elastic
  • coordinating thread
  • presser feet {I used my 1/4" foot, regular stitch foot and edge stitch foot for topstitching}
My daughter has enjoyed playing hopscotch this summer. So why not have hopscotch shorts to play along? Of course then she was too 'sassy' to actually do that {total girl!}. ;) I used Michael Miller's Children at Play Cotton Lilac Hopscotch and Children at Play Cotton Pink Dot to Dot quilting cotton.  
Pattern Pieces: There are pattern pieces to have to cut out. I also make it a little difficult on myself because I trace my pattern pieces onto freezer paper so that I don't ruin my pattern. This does make it a little more time consuming but totally worth it so that I can reuse the pattern in a different size next time. Illustrations/Instructions The pattern {and really any Oliver + S pattern for that fact} is a dream to sew up. The instructions are clear and easy to understand, no matter the difficulty level and illustrations are included exactly where they need to be to give clarity. Modifications I chose not to do any modifications to the pattern. Though the pattern does give directions on how to put an adjustable elastic band in the waist. I chose not to do this and kept a normal elastic waistband because I have found that for my kids, Oliver + S patterns are a perfect fit. Difficulty Level Oliver + S label this pattern for an advanced beginner and I would have to agree. There were a few steps that might be a little difficult for a beginner. But with that being said, if you are a beginner and would like to try to sew up a pair for the princess in your family...I say go for it. The instructions will walk you through each step thoroughly that you would be able to follow along and learn something new in the process. {I say this with confidence because I made a dress for my daughter out of one of their patterns and had absolutely no clue how to make one very important piece to the dress...the instructions were so clear that I was able to do it with very little stress.} Conclusion I love Oliver + S patterns! They really are the best kids clothing patterns. Yes, I know that they may be a little pricey {especially when you compare them to McCall's or Simplicity} but you definitely get what you pay for, plus when I use freezer paper to keep the pattern intact, I get more bang for my buck. I always learn a new technique and let's face it, when I see how excited my daughter gets that I made her something....well it's worth every penny. :) There are only 2 things that I would like to see changed...not a deal breaker. 1. Because I trace my patterns, I would love to see the lines for each size in a different color. I know that they put different "types" of lines {straight line, dotted line, etc} so that you know where to cut but some of them overlap and I can never tell which line I need to follow. 2. Also, included in the directions to the pattern is a cutting layout that takes the guessing out of how you should layout the pattern on the fabric. I always cut it out and staple mine onto the actual directions {they have it on the pattern pieces page} because very rarely do I go back to the pattern pieces, unless I need to remake my freezer paper templates...this just helps me to have everything in one place for the next time I am ready to make another pair. This was a lot of fun! Thanks to all the ladies for putting this together...and for including me along for the ride. :)

Bianca, those are SO adorable! Seriously, I wouldn't have thought that hopscotch fabric could be so cute, but like this, even I want a pair! And the "cow-boots" as my almost 2 year old says are so fun! haha! Thanks for coming over and inspiring us all again!