Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shorts on the Line DBS Kickoff Week!

shorts on the line button
Yes!!! My week to co-host this amazing sewalong is "finally" here! I hope you enjoyed week one with Rachael of Imagine Gnats, and then, what a super week to keep us going at small + friendly with Carla, and now I'm here to let you in on a little secret.... my week is going to ROCK your shorts off.... okay, actually I hope that doesn't happen....but, still, you should all get super excited! Mostly, I hope that I can keep your energy going this week to whip up a pair of shorts or two! There's still time (until the 26th!) to enter your lovelies into the flickr pool for some awesome prizes! Find all of your need shorts on the line info here.
So... did you forget who was coming over this week to have a seat on my happy little blog and share something awesome with you?

No worries, I will remind you...

Week Three at Designs by Sessa
7.16 Vanessa (Designs by Sessa) and Jessica (Me Sew Crazy)
7.17 Cherie (You and Mie) and Jane (Buzzmills)
7.18 Karen (Sew Well Maide) and Stephanie (The Crafty Kitty)
7.19 Bianca (Sweet Diesel Designs) and Tara (true, pure, lovely)
7.20 Jenny (Stumbles & Stitches) and Susan & Adrianna (crafterhours)
7.21 Danny (Mommy for Reals) and Marian (Lady Face)
7.22 Jill (Made With Moxie) and Christina (2 Little Hooligans)

Whew... my heart just jumped a little to be able to host some of my favorite bloggers. Blog dream come true... no lie.

Okay, now to my funny lovely shorts that I sewed up just for the occasion....
Good lord, there's some ruffles on my shorts! What!? Okay, I'm not going to lie to you. I like these shorts and I don't like these shorts. At the same time. Go on, tell me what you think.
I like that I would not normally buy something like these shorts. I like the colors and fabrics (seersucker and hot pink linen). I like that they have ruffles (but on my butt? not sure.) And I like that they are comfortable and summery. I like that they are fun and make me dance around my kitchen singing "Ruffle Butt" at the top of my lungs, because it is fun to say, and then maybe try to dance like Jay-lo shimmying. True story. I also like that my husband laughed when he saw them.
I did not like the pattern very much (McCall's 6328). But, I did not really know I didn't like McCall's patterns until this one, because it was my first one ever, and I was frustrated on numerous occasions (directions/diagrams). I'm used to sewing being rather easy and enjoyable, not something I have to take breaks from. However, I suppose you could say I learned a lot. Originally, I was planning on making the Iris pattern by Colette, but I didn't realize I needed an invisible zipper foot, and the timing just didn't work out finishing that garment, ordering one, and coinciding with my family vacay (ah, isn't the beach so pretty).
However, despite all of that, these shorts are quirky and fun with a traditional fabric, and in many ways those are similar character qualities to who I am as a person! If you're new... there it is... Plus, I do love ruffles, even on my butt. Who knew!? 

Now, would I make some modifications if I ever make these ever again...? Yes. I would. I would do just a ruffle on the front and stop at the side seams and ignore the back flounce, and I would make them just slightly longer in length. The shorts pattern had several different optional views that I could go with, so maybe, if I ever REALLY feel like it, I will try them ONE more time...
They are fun. I will wear them. Do not judge.
Happy Sewing this week! I hope you are having a blast making something fun and memorable for you or your little ones! See you in the FLICKR pool!