Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shorts on the Line KICK OFF!!!!

shorts on the line button
Are you READY for this!? (Start my hip hop beat right here... dun da dun na na...) I said.... ARE YOU READY!?!?


It's TIME for the LONG anticipated SHORTS ON THE LINE Sewalong with small + friendly, imagine gnats and your crazy hip hop singer, me! Don't worry, I will be here ALL month to sing you happy beats if you need to get pumped up, haha!

There are already some cutie cute shorts in the flickr pool:

And we've been pinning like crazy to our Shorts on the Line Pinterest board, all while sewing up some shorts ourselves! I have two half finished pair of shorts calling my name on my sewing table at this moment, so I probably need to go get busy, but before I do, I want to leave you with some sweet inspiration....

For the chiquita....
Jcrew knock off using Oliver + S Picnic Pattern from Siesta and Sewing

And another picnic outfit version by imagine gnats

 For the mamaquita...
Paper Bag Shorts by Sew Caroline

Floral Pleated shorts with a bow by C&C

And my personal forte those chiquitos....
Watch Me Jump Shorts by Max at Max California

Terry Cloth Shorts by small + friendly

Oliver + S Sailboat pants as shorts by Designs By Sessa
Okay, so there's some inspiration, now GO PARTY this week at Rachael's, then PARTY at Carla's and come on up to finish the PARTY right here! HAVE FUN! I'll be your biggest cheerleader in the flickr group! Go sew!