Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shorts on the Line Week 2! Seeing a little trend here...

I cannot believe we are almost to 100 members in our SOTL flickr group! Wow! That means there are many of you STILL working on submissions! I am loving watching this week's guest posters over at small + friendly!

And I'm starting to see a trend with the Oliver + S Puppet Show Shorts pattern, which just so happens to be an absolute favorite of mine. I may just "need" to buy this pattern and hope and pray Jesus gives me a girl at some point... yes, I love it that much!

Check these out.... 

By Frances Suzanne
By WeeShareBlog
By Roandoak
The above is actually an Ottobre Design pattern, but it is so darn close, so I just had to share...
By Miraab
I hope you guys will spend a little time in the Flickr group cheering each other on and of course take in all the goodness this week at small + friendly!