Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Striped Beach Cover Up

Okay, so far, you have seen a hat, a beach tote, and now a cover up that are all a part of my Summer Beach Essentials series!

You've asked for how I made the cover up and I have to tell you that I did use a pattern.

I used McCalls 6559, so no real tutorial to go into here.

Sewing Recap: My last trip to the fabric store, these patterns were only .99 and I grabbed up 5 of them. Well, after sewing up my Shorts on the Line shorts, which you will see soon enough, using one of these patterns, I was completely swearing them off. However, this pattern was really easy, so maybe McCalls redeemed themselves slightly.

No, I actually just used the pattern for my sizing and then threw the directions off to the side and just sewed how I thought you should sew from that point on. Those McCalls directions make me want to pull out my hair and the diagrams are so unclear.

But the good thing is, this is a GREAT and EASY tank maxi dress pattern that can be easily adapted into a normal tank, a racer back, or as a tunic. Worth the .99 cents to not have to fool with guesstimating my woman body sizing and "hoping" for the best as I sew. And I will be making it again, because like I said, it's a GREAT and EASY pattern to sew up.

Remember those baggies and the Old Navy sweatshirts I got on clearance for $1.47? Well, that's what I used for my fabric, so I didn't have to sew up a bottom hem. I just used the hem from the lightweight sweatshirt as my cover up.
I used pattern pieces 7 and 12. There are only 2 pattern pieces in this pattern, so really it's a pretty easy sew. I love that I didn't have to fool with figuring out the racer back on my own.
 I sewed the front/back pieces together, hemmed the arm holes and the neckline and I was DONE!

Front view:
Back view:
Ready for the wearing....
 I will be making this again as a tank top, too!
 I LOVE the racer back option this pattern gives!
 Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little series!

Now, back to my beach vacay! Thanks for joining me! Let me know if you have any questions!


Much love,