Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bow Back Tank

I had a creative burst of energy yesterday. The bow back tank came from it. Bows on your back are kind of in right now, just check pinterest. What I love though is that they are really easy to add to your garments. Mine is not perfect, nor is my tank. I used the same pattern as this tunic, but used view D for the back, then did my own thing. This is the first time where I feel like my work was knits was harder for me. I did my usual, but the hemming isn't perfect and I really want a serger. However, I love that working with knits, they don't fray, and are SO so comfy, so I can live with the imperfections knowing that I am growing my skill level each time I do.
I'm not ready to start fall sewing. In fact, I did sort of a terrible job marking things off my "summer sewing list", so I'm going to keep using the warm weather here in SC to continue my summer sewing and change to fall in a couple more months when it actually gets cool. And for my area of the country, sewing a tank is actually practical, because I can add a cardigan and use this as a blank basic.
When I started this project, I actually wanted to make a knit dress, but once I made the bodice, I realized I didn't want to have it just as a dress, because I wanted to pair it with jeans. I worked and worked trying to add a circle skirt to the bottom, but then I decided that I really just need to make some dresses from patterns. I sew for a little boy, and then like this for me, so really I don't have "dress making" as a wonderful skill yet. However, I plan on growing in this area, for sure!

So, my bow was an afterthought. At first, I just wanted a lower scoop in the back and a simple bar of fabric to join across the back. However, I really thought it looked to plain, so that's where the bow came in. This is how I did mine.
Cut out a curved L out of your back pattern piece on the fold side.
When you've pinned for hemming, cut out another rectangle the width across of your straps. Sew down the edge to make a tube.
Repeat for a smaller tube that will be the center of the bow. Turn both right side out.
Scrunch your fabric in the center and sew a straight stitch over the pinched fabric. It doesn't have to be perfect.
Fold the smaller tube around the straight stitch you just sewed and sew it down.
Now, you should tuck the ends of your bow under/in your hem, and as you sew, sew your hem as normal. My bow was an afterthought, so mine isn't tucked under. I wish it was, but no clothes natzi is going to inspect my garment, so it's okay it doesn't look super professional inside.
And there you have it... a cute new top!
And in case you are wondering where my jersey fabric is from... it's actually from a Jersey Knit Duvet/Sham set that I found clearanced from Target (but at GOODWILL!) Brand new in the packaging. I couldn't ignore that much jersey fabric for only $8! Hint! Hint! You will see this heathered teal jersey again! :)

Anyways, since my confidence was sort of shattered a bit in sewing this top, I'd love to hear some of your comments! You guys are always great at encouragement! Thanks so much! :)