Monday, August 6, 2012

Button Waistband Baggies: Sew in Tune

Hi guys! I'm over at Boy, Oh, Boy, Oh, Boy! today to share my Hawaii Five O outfit for the Sew in Tune series! Please go check it out

And, if you are here for the first time.... Welcome Melly Sews and Boy, Oh, Boy, Oh, Boy! readers! I'm assuming you want to check out the Hawaiian shorts that I made for my son, Cai! I will show you how I transformed a button down to create a cute waistband AND turn the shirt into shorts keeping the side seam in tact!
These shorts are modified from my Baggies which guest posted on Project Run & Play in June! It was such an honor to be there, and really, these are my son's favorite shorts, so making more was much needed.
 My main goal for these shorts was to modify the waistband, since I was using a men's button down, not a sweatshirt. I didn't have the knit waistband from the sweatshirt and really wanted to get creative with the placket on the men's button down. My solution was to turn it sideways.
I started with a button down, in this case an Hawaiian shirt to fit the Hawaii Five O theme song.
Print off the Baggies pattern.
I wanted to retain the side seams, especially at the bottom of the shirt.
So, I laid my pattern like this, hanging it off the edge, because we don't have to hem.
I only cut out the front of the shirt and left the side seams together.
Do the same for the back of the shirt.
Your pattern pieces will be like so.
Cut this triangle out.
Cut out your pockets.
Follow the Baggies directions for how to assemble the pockets.
Pin the slanted edges together. Sew this slanted edge.
Press to the inside.
Edgestitch if desired.
Pin upper (open) side seams together. I just sewed right off where the side seams were already joined.
The side seams will have a small pucker, but it doesn't affect the way the shorts wear.
See the slight fold? I always get worried about these aspects of refashions, but really, you can't even tell when worn.
Assemble the rest of the shorts like the Baggies directions say (crotch seams, inner leg seams).

NOW... you are ready for the button waistband ... long intro. I love you if you are still with me! 

I ended up using 3 buttons across, but you will need to lay yours out across your shorts and measure you child's waist. Mine was like 10.5 for a 2T waist. I took in the sides at the pocket seams to make the 3T pattern a little smaller. When cutting your placket out, leave about an 1.5 towards the top. Your actually waistband will be just the placket, but you need to fold the excess under the back.
Iron down the excess, so there are no exposed seams. Hand stitch it closed.
Cut your jersey back waistband an inch or 1.5 longer than your button waistband depending on your child's waist size.
Pin the short sides together, aligning them so that your top edge is even and the folded seam will be sewn to the top of your shorts. Sew edges.
Put your waistband onto your shorts and pin and sew it together!
Fold your waistband up and you have some shorts!
Thanks for coming over to check these out! Have a great day and make sure you SEW IN TUNE!!!!Go check out the rest of the outfit, including the Vintage Vneck pattern from Melly Sews that I used to shrink a men's v-neck to a boy's v-neck!