Thursday, August 16, 2012

Corn Crate Storage Idea(s)

With another "baby" or toddler on the way sometime in the next year I'm going to have to get creative with our spaces and somehow include more storage, make use of things in non-traditional ways, and still do it on our thin budget. My sewing room will become a 2nd baby room. And it's already in it's gender neutral transformation!
A month or so ago, I brought home the above corn crate from our co-op for free. I help bag all the veggies and we just throw these corn crates away. I saw it and thought... "THAT would be perfect on my screened in porch for all the "dirty" toys we play with in the back yard. It's worked excellently.

I brought two more home the next time, again, for free. Wooden boxes destined for the trash.
It didn't take long for me to think how cute these would be painted a bright colors and placed side by side. I used Valspar Gloss Exotic Sea for the blue crate.
And Rust-oleum Metallic Finish Aluminum for the gray, leftover from my racer striped dresser.
I really love how bright and cheery and CHEAP they are to contain all that bookshelf clutter!
And while, this bookshelf has just been in constant change and really I'm not completely "happy" with it yet, I will go ahead and show you a little back up shot, so you know there's still work to be done.
If you are wanting some corn crates, I would check your local Farmer's Market. Some people would probably just give it to you for free, or you could buy a bunch of local veggies and get yours for "free" that way.

If you are using them for toys, make sure no metal pieces are sticking out. These crates are made quickly and cheaply, so they have rougher edges and the metal could be sharp.

And... if you are local and want me to pick you up some from my co-op, just let me know! I already have ideas for storage for shoes by the door, games in a closet, possibly fabric storage.

And I'm just sayin' I totally want a CLEMENTINE colored crate.... or coral... wouldn't that be so pretty!?