Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Embroidery on the Babes

2 days... that's how long between this post and my blog break post.... shhhh.... it's our secret...

If I have any kind of sewing business for others, it's "technically" embroidery and I guess Sew Classy classes now, too. Wow.. lookie it's growing! I hope for God's glory!

I mean, sure, I sometimes commit to other sewing projects and I would love to do more (eventually) on this front, but right now, I do not feel any sort of pressure whatsoever and I kind of feel like until I have a serger and have that down pat, I don't really want to sell the clothes I make.

Plus, I'm still a selfish sewer... no harm in that! 

But doing embroidery is kind of how I make a little fun money to keep my sewing going. I really love seeing the children I actually embroider stuff for WEAR the items, and I love it when parents actually send me pictures or tag me in photos. It makes my day.

This post was spurred on by this photo that probably is MY Favorite to date of something I have embroidered on a baby...
Man... is he OUT or what!? Isn't that awesome!

Or how about this little cutie dude... 

Or my own cuties... 

And another... 

Half the time I forget to take photos of the items, so I'm glad when the parents are proud enough to tag me on FB! 

I really only do this type of thing for friends, most of them come over and are interested in how I do it, so I reveal all my amazing secrets... like what type of stabilizer I use or thread ... nice Sulky thread... don't you be jippin' noboders on da thread, yo...
Haha... MEYER! My man! This is Carla's 3rd (the girl that really "taught" me to sew and the one that made this hooded towel that I get to showcase on DBS). 

Then, not so embroidered. This was before I had my embroidery/sewing machine and had to be one of the first things I made... this pink pillowcase dress.

Yes. Me loves to see da babes in their get ups.

Sorry, I have no idea why today I'm talking so gangsta. 
Embroidery I do usually is $5 - $12 per thing. 
People bring it to my house. Pick it up later. Sometimes hang out while I do it.
I can do it and cut patterns out at the same time. 
But sometimes I get bored with it. And just want it to hurry up. 
I get scared that I'm going to hoop it wrong and I just pray the people aren't too picky. 
I've messed up stuff. The worst was a Columbia jacket that was like $40 that I had to replace, after that I made a rule... nothing irreplaceable is done by me... nope.
Usually, all is well. 

I have a Brother SE400. It only has a 4x4 field so you are limited in what you can do, but you can still have fun with it. Eventually I will upgrade my "honda" of a sewing machine to a "BMW" and will get an embroidery/sewing Babylock most likely. However, this is a great starter embroidery machine or one to have if you just want to do little gifts for people or a little on the side, like me. 
Machine appliques are also great, great ways to use up scraps if you do not quilt. They don't require much fabric. 

So, do any of you peeps out there want to learn this art of machine embroidery? It's not so scary once you do it a few times! :) 

Check out my Embroidery Tutorials here

Now, back to my break, I mean... see you in 2 days... adios.