Friday, August 24, 2012

On my Marriage

I have always been so thankful that I have the husband that I have. He truly is remarkable. He loves Jesus with all his heart, and he loves me second to that with all his heart. He's grown to be a great daddy, and when it comes to our marriage of 3.5 years, approaching 4, he's been what has kept us seeking Jesus during the rougher times.
We got married and I still had one semester left of college. We couldn't wait to get married any longer. After I went through the entire ordeal with all my surgeries, and realized that if this guy had stuck with me through ALL OF THAT mess, then I was sure that he was the man that would stick by my side in whatever life brought.
We decided shortly after I got out of the hospital that we were going to get married, but that was AFTER I tried breaking it off with Hart.

I was really confused. I had no idea what had just happened to my life. It felt like it had shattered into a million pieces. The fun college student life was no more. And I began to question everything, even the man that stood beside me after only dating for one month. I didn't know what God was doing, and I didn't like it one bit.
Thankfully, Hart had the good sense (and reasoning) to just listen to me during that rocky time, and it wasn't without a "look, I know you are the girl for me, you may not feel it right now, but I know that we are supposed to be together" and a "i've stuck by your side through all of this, are you now going to leave ME?"

We were engaged 1 year later, after finishing my 2nd and 3rd final surgery.
We would have been married MUCH faster, but there were life steps that had to be put in order, and I had SO.MUCH.SCHOOL to finish, being "thrown out" of college for a year.
We were cute newlyweds, with a a new house, living life, and it was fun figuring out life together.

We were finally ONE in Christ. We founded our marriage on the Rock of our Salvation, and that has carried us through each and every trial that has come thus far in ways that can only give you strength when faced together. 
 It didn't take long for us to have a baby. A fur baby, that is.
Six months after the fur baby. A real baby surprised us. Not kidding. So, really, it didn't take long for us to have REAL baby. It was a complete and utter surprise. We got pregnant on our 1 year anniversary of marriage!
I had just started teaching 4th grade at a private school and was really enjoying it. That was short lived. We both wanted me to stay home. Our baby would be born right after the next school year began in September.
That 2nd year was really fun, preparing for baby. We went to Hawaii that summer, because Hart's parents took us to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, and wanted their kids to join in the celebrating! My sister-in-law and I were both pregnant, just 5 weeks apart! Our babies were born exactly 2 weeks apart to the day.
Having Micaiah brought a closeness to our marriage that we didn't know could exist. It didn't make sense to have a baby so soon "according the the world", but we realized the joy that children bring. That remarkable blessing that they are. It was undeniable and has remained the same.
I would say this 3rd year of marriage has been the toughest of all 3, but once again, we find ourselves clinging to our Savior to carry us through it.
What can I say... he likes to "dip" me.

Hart is my sweet husband, my joy in this life. Times may get tough around us, but there's a trust, and strength, and intimacy that we have together that through Christ will last until death do us part. Being married is not something that will ever be traded. I love him, always, and I wanted to share that journey and joy with you. Show you, my love for a quiet man, that loves me so passionately, and deeply, and the one that gives me strength to be the creative woman you see through this site.
Thanks for listening!