Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Samson the Hullabalu Lion

Whew! Shorts on the Line is over! Back to our "regularly" scheduled program (i.e. posting infrequently and whenever I want about whatever I want, ha!). However, not quite yet!

Today's post is brought to you by Hullabalu, your *NEW* online toy retailer for high quality and fun toys!
Perhaps my most favorite thing about blogging is getting to do product reveiws, because usually the products are awesome and fun!

This one is no different!
Hullabalu will be opening to the online public on September 1st! Right now they carry Melissa and Doug Princess Soft Toys, but they will be launching and expanding their toy store later this year! When they asked if they could send us one of their cute stuffed animals, I knew Cai would love it! One of the great things about their website is that you can interact with all of the items, before you buy them, grab them and put them on a shelf just waiting for you! I let Cai choose the animal he liked. He chose Samson the Lion.
I kind of wished he had chosen Victor Hedgehog, but you know, I'm the mom, what do I know!
The day that our Hullabalu Lion arrived we were just finishing up lunch when we heard the doorbell. It was perfect timing to have something to do right before nap time!
Abe got to the best colored box in the entire world first. Apparently his gift for sniffing out stuffed animals is stronger than we originally thought!
Cai got right to work opening up this surprise!
I'm not sure who was more excited.... Cai or Abe...
He quickly realized he wanted it more than letting Abe have it. Don't worry Hullabalu, I'm not going to let your nice stuffed animal get eaten up by our dog in .6 seconds!

Isn't Samson, now dubbed Judah in our house, so cute!?
Cai liked him lots! He was doubled checking if the postman was bringing him some other cool item, too!
Thank you, Hullabalu, for making this one happy kid!!!

And I will keep you guys posted when Hullabalu does have their online toy store expansion outside of stuffed animals, but for now, check out their current selection! (Please note: the browsing section of the site is closed right now but the referral system is up and running, enter your email address to get more information about their site lauch!) It may just make your next baby shower gift an easier decision!