Friday, August 3, 2012

Sew In Tune

I'm so excited to be guest posting for the Sew in Tune series focused on inspiration for boys on August 7th over at Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy! Melly Sews and OBOBOB have already started this music inspired series and I'm thrilled they want me to be a part of it! I've actually worked on my outfit for it, sent my html, and can't wait to reveal it to you! You might get a sneak peak if you keep reading...

I've really enjoyed seeing this boy series happening, because there really isn't enough cool boy sewing. However, I've really loved these so far... (click the picture to be taken to the post)

Cool boy swimming pool attire is a must, especially like these two (above/below)
And really, I'm just excited about Melissa of Melly Sews ebook with blank slate basics to keep a boy's wardrobe hand-made from 18m - 8 years! Really, it's so great!
So graphic tees have been kind of big for boys this series, which is not what I generally gravitate towards for a boy strangely enough, but still fun to see the creativity in this area!

If you haven't caught on, each post is inspired by a song... I'll give you a sneak peak... can you guess mine?
Okay, can you tell I'm excited about what I made? I can't wait to let it out of the bag completely on August 7th! Til then... follow their blogs to stay up to date!