Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wanna come stop in for a bit?

How's your weekend going? Wanna come join mine?
Cai would love that you rang the doorbell. You would be greeted by a happy face, and shortly after taken over by the dog.
 And by the new simple "fall" wreath I put together for our front door.
 You'd come in the door to see the almost refinished roll top desk (back there in the blur). It's not ready for it's big reveal yet. Then, I'd apologize that the couch was covered in photo frames and stuff from the desk because there would be no space for you to sit.
Being crafty and all, you'd notice the new fabric stash piled on the back of my couch that I just purchased from the trip my mom and I took up to Charlotte (and Gastonia to Mary Jo's) on Fridday. You'd wonder what the heck I'd be making with that faux fur, and all I can say is "just wait" till you find out! And yes, that is black stretch denim for some new Mama hot pants. I'll be sassy in those for sure.
More than likely, I would make you trek through my house to see the new Ikea crib canopy that my mom bought for the new "baby" we are adopting. But then, I'd tell you that this room has a LONG way to go this winter to get it ready (new paint, musical instruments taken down off the walls). Especially since my craft space is being shared which will be relocated.
You'd notice my pile of in process projects and I'd tell you about how I made Hart some khaki shorts by cutting and hemming off some pants.
And then I'd tell you about the latest Sew Classy and how fun it was and how everyone made super cute knit skirts...
Then, I'd wonder how YOUR weekend was going... so ... HOW GOES IT?