Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cai's Cowboy Party: Setting the Scene & Party Details

(I totally forgot to watermark some of my photos, so please if you pin or use them, please give credit where credit is due by linking back here! Thanks so much!)
Setting the scene for any party is fun! I enjoyed making a 'no sew' cowboy banner by clothes pinning bandanas folded in half with a cowboy hat between. Both items were from the Dollar Tree and each child got a cowboy hat with a hand stamped personalized touch and a bandana as a favor and to wear at the party.
The stamps were from Hobby Lobby. They gave them the perfect touch and people thought they were actually etched into the hats at first glance.
I also used this hand stamped idea on the cake napkins.
Right out front of my mom's house, is this precious old barn and Pixie, the horse's, pasture.
We set some dried corn out an an antique milk stool for our guests to feed to the animals.
I loved having a western theme, because you can just use what you've got! Broken basket... perfect! Chipping wood stool? Good job!
 Everyone really enjoyed getting to feed Pixie! Pixie is a little too wild to ride, especially for young kids, so feeding her was a much better plan!

Other than that, we had a tractor in my mom's front yard that her sweet neighbors let us use for the day. The kids LOVED driving it!
Especially my own cowboy... Besides corn hull toss and the kid's playing with Cai's big barn, that was all we had time for! It was just enough!

Because we fed everyone lunch! Easy peasy, hot dogs, chips, cold watermelon, home-made squash relish and pickles (made by my grandpa)! Yum!
The food tables were kept super simple. I mean they are for food, right!? I just threw a multi-colored hand-made vintage quilt over the food table. The cupcake table had angled bandanas. I just worked with what I had. My favorite food item twist were the "cow tales" candy. Also from the Dollar Tree. They have a great selection of "older" candies. All paper products, the checkered plates, and napkins were from there, too. The cowboy cupcake toppers were from Hobby Lobby for $1.99. Seriously. That was just too easy and I didn't have to make them. My favorite "splurge" was buying bottled cokes and rootbeer.
They were served in this antique wash basin and stand that I got from my mother in law.

I seriously had the most hilarious time making cupcakes from scratch. I followed this perfect vanilla recipe from Glorious treats! The fist time I made a batch, they came out and fell. I contribute that to not letting my oven heat up enough. I used store bought icing and they came out so pretty the second go around!
 I used bandana cupcake liners from Hobby Lobby. But then, I ran out of icing. Note to V: Piping icing uses up a lot more icing than normal... buy extra, because homemade icing didn't exactly work out...
Those are some UGLY cupcakes!!!! Is that not hilarious!? But, I just went with it, because I'd rather have ugly, still yummy cupcakes than not enough cupcakes. Also, note to V: wait to sprinkle peppermint candy on the day of... otherwise it melts into the icing overnight.
Cai's cupcake turned out cute though. I bought these western candles at Hobby Lobby, too. I couldn't choose just two, so he got all four to blow out and enjoy!
Uh, huh, "dee-wish-ous", as Cai likes to say!

Add a little country music to the ambiance and you've got yourself one heck of a 2 year old cowboy party! It was so much fun! And like I said... I really did actually hold back. I'm not lying!