Monday, September 17, 2012

Cowboy Cai Party: the intro

 Our son, Micaiah turned 2 on Friday. Saturday we had his birthday party. We invited all of our closest family and friends and enjoyed an absolutely beautiful day celebrating.

My husband and I are so blessed by God to have this precious boy as our son. At two, he is serious and dramatic. He loves his mama more than anything. He is strong-willed and exuberant. He is silly, when he wants to be, and knows exactly what he wants. He is adventurous and independent. He loves animals of all kinds, and is very cuddly. He is creative and smart.

My parties are the most pinned DBS items on Pinterest. It's sort of crazy to me. I still get several repins throughout the week of my brother's engagement party. I really don't strive to make them that amazing, especially because I am always doing them as cheap as possible. I love picture perfect parties, but to be honest I knew I needed scale back this year, because I don't want my children to EXPECT (read: feel entitled to) amazing parties EVERY year, and well, I can go a little extreme in this area. The result: I still went over the top for what a 2 year old should have at his birthday party, but I promise you, I did NOT spend a lot of money on this party. Or I tried not to.
What: The Theme was "Cowboy Cai" or western/cowboy.
Why: The motive behind choosing that theme was that our gift to Cai was redoing/repainting my husband's big wooden barn toy (like a "doll" house) that his dad (Pops) had made for Hart when he was a little boy. We wanted to give him some more animals to go with it to play with in the years to come. It was a huge HIT among the kids! They all played with the animals and tractors.
Where: My mom and step-dad hosted his party at their house, carport mainly. It was the absolute perfect place to have it. They live right across from a barn and horse pasture, right down the way is a large lake. The neighbors let us feed their horse, Pixie, and Molly the goat, and parked their tractor in her front yard, so the kids could "drive" it.
 Seriously, it was a blast!

This week, I'd love to talk all about the party details. I will start with some images to set the "scene" and next week on 9/21 I will be sharing my Cowboy Cai costume over at Andrea's blog The Train to Crazy for the Handmade Costume Series she is hosting. His outfit was over the top. Really. I am not kidding. My favorite highlight of the whole day. I can't want to share!
Can't wait to share more with you all! I hope you will come back for more!