Friday, September 28, 2012

Easy Peasy Toddler "Sleeve" Sweatpants

I often find fabric in huge XL men's t-shirts or light weight knit sweatshirts. After they have likely been mutilated, they look like collars and sleeves only... know what I mean?!
Being way too thrifty, I can't just throw the sleeves away... so they become toddler pants! Easy peasy toddler pants! I know I'm not the first to think of them, but they really are so easy to make, why not repurpose those sweatshirts and give them new life?
Pretty adorable, right?

All you need is some elastic and the sleeves of a sweatshirt. That's it. Measure your kid's waist and leg length and keep those measurements in mind, before you do step 1.

Step 1: Cut off your sleeves so they are straight across at the top and the same size. Add 3 inches to your child's length measurement for the waist band.
2) Cut open the inner leg seam about 8 - 9 inches. I would cut a little more for cloth diaper booties.
3) Pin up the open seams, matching up your crotch areas. Sew together.
4)Fold over your waistband and pin. Sew leaving a 2 inch opening to thread the elastic.
5) Thread your elastic through with a giant safety pin and sew your elastic together.
6) Close up your 2 inch opening and  you have pants!
And for my husband's help when getting Cai dressed, be sure to add a ribbon tag in the "back", so that he can easily know which way is BACK!

Other items made from these $1.47 sweatshirts have been:

My beach cover-up:
 Batman Cape

To think, I bought 4 sweatshirts for $1.47 at Old Navy. I've made 4 pairs of toddler pants, a beach cover up, and a batman cape and I still have a little more left to use! I think I will be sad when they are really gone!

Another blogger who found the same deal as me is Kristen at Skirt as top! She made this cute O+S Sailboat top out of these same sweatshirts from this last Spring!
And I've had someone who's emailed me saying how she ran out and got her sweatshirts for $.47 cents this last spring and made her own baggies! Wishing I could remember her blog right now, because I think she actually made some sweatshirt toddler pants, too! (Maybe that's where I subconsciously stored this idea from...?)

Anywho... 4 sweatshirts and endless possibilities are all amazing in my book! How about you!?