Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fastest Envelope Back Pillows Ever!

No lie... there's a gazillion ways to sew envelope back pillows. This method uses 20 inch dinner napkins.
I got this idea from my friend, Anne, who demonstrated a "how to" at a girl's craft night at her house awhile back! I sort of stored it away for later, and seriously.... using dinner napkins to do envelope back pillows, this took me 5 - 10 minutes per pillow. No hemming required. Only cutting, possibly only once, and sewing around in a square. It's the perfect beginner project or perfect way to churn out pillows for anywheres fast, and now you don't have to wish they had a pillow made from THAT fabric and why can't it go on my couch NO MORE!
-A clearanced Target 4 pack of cloth napkins
-A pillow form (Up to 16'' inches)
-Your sewing stuff
-an iron

One napkin (the front) stays whole... the 2nd napkin gets cut in half. One 4 pack of cloth napkins will give you 2 pillows. Minimal sewing required. Need a pep talk?! You can DO IT!

Iron one of your napkins in half to make a crease
  Cut it down the crease.
Lay the pattern side down and make sure that the edge you just cut lies on the outside edge of your full napkin. You want to turn the "hemmed" side to the middle, and overlap the two half napkins about 3 or 3.5 inches. Confused? Cut edge now goes on the outside. Overlap the longer "hemmed" edge 3.5 inches.

The rule of thumb with pillows is that you cut your fabric to the size of your pillow form, so it's full. My pillow was about 12'', so I just laid my pillow on top of my fabric and cut around it.
Pinning to keep it in place.
Cut off any excess.
Now, you have your square.
Sew around the perimeter of your square and then cut off corners diagonally, so they poke out nicely.
Turn inside out and wha-la! An envelope back pillow with minimal sewing required! See so easy and you barely sewed anything!
Keep in mind, if you use a larger pillow (closer to 20 inches, you may not have enough fabric to fold over. I think Anne used a safety pin on hers to keep it from gapping, but using a smaller pillow will keep you from needing a safety pin at all.

Now I just need a few more to make this couch complete!
Want easy curtains? Make them out of table cloths... also an idea from Anne... she's an amazing real life friend... you should all read her blog. She takes down molding with a kitchen knife completely insane and pregnant... and I love her!