Thursday, September 20, 2012

James Dean Fashion Icon PR&P Wk 2

Project Run and Play is in full swing. I'm loving watching some of my sweet blog friend compete this season! Somehow it makes it a lot more fun "knowing" who's designing! Last season, my 'Taking Home My Baby Bumblebee' hooodie won as a sew-a-long winner for Project Run and Play's Earth Day challenge. It was a lot of fun to be chosen. Not that I think this week is a winner week compared to what's already in the flickr pool (how's that for some amazing self-confidence!), but I wanted to complete a look for a boy that was fun, simple, and comfy wearable, while meeting the challenge. I love PR&P, because all of us need to grow as sewists and this is a great way to do it! 

This week's challenge is to choose a favorite fashion icon and make a childrens look based on the style of that icon. I chose James Dean.
For me, James Dean represents typical cool male fashion in jeans, a plain tee or plain v-neck sweater, and then also when he wore his typical curved glasses, which still influence glass and sunglass wearing style today.
I put his glasses on the v-neck which I down sized from an old Zara sweater of mine that I purchased while I was freezing cold in Spain during college. Traced out his glasses, hand embroiderd around in white to make them stand out a bit. I translated the black and white imagery of the day into my outfit and photos, and kept it cool, comfortable, and modern at the same time.

I love how it turned out.
 Cai really enjoyed having some "tea" outside! I think making these little photo shoots play opportunities is the way to go! He even made some for ME and shared it! Such a sweet boy!
Be sure to check out the amazing-ness this week of the flickr pool! There's even a Kate Middleton in there which I adore!