Saturday, September 1, 2012

Naomi's Naptime Doll Quilt

I should start this post out by saying that I know absolutely NOTHING about how to quilt. Four months ago, I started planning on how I was going to try and make my sweet niece's 2nd birthday gift: doll bedding. I actually emailed Rachael of Imagine Gnats to ask her where I should even start, because that's how much I did not know about quilting! She was so sweet to send me two GREAT resources.... Oh, Fransson! and The Learning Center. Thanks, girl!

I will also mention, that I STILL don't know very much about quilting, but I do now have deep respect for quilters and what they do piecing all those fabrics together and now I'm amazed at the completely handstitched quilts on my beds that have been passed down...wholly cow that was a lot of work!!!

I started with something VERY easy and I put this quilt together how it made sense to me. I didn't read anything about quilting until I got to the binding part, so I'm pretty sure I broke every cardinal quilting rule, but at the end of the day, I LOVE the result and well, it's for a doll, so who cares!

These fabrics are an assortment of scrap fabric that I've used the past 2 years on small little projects for Naomi's room... like her Cardboard Name Art above her crib and her upcycled doll stroller that now matches her doll bedding. There's some premier prints Damask in there, some cutsy prints from Hobby Lobby (sham fabric), some already in my stash (lilac polka dots), a vintage sheet (binding) from my Gramie's linen closet that I made Naomi's Sunday Brunch Jacket out of, and a few others from the stash passed down. I like that almost each piece means something to me in regards to things I've already made for Naomi! I guess that's the cool part about quilting... telling a story!
This quilt probably took me 6 hours. I did most of it during nap time... so I decided to call it the Naptime Doll Quilt, because you can do it during Naptime! I totally cheated, so let me show you how I did it!

First, I laid out strips of fabric and did some "patch work" on a couple of them. (I have seen quilters do this on blogs... lol)
For the back, I used this pink and white ghingham that looked like it had been quilted already with batting. This just seemed easy to follow, and I already had it in my stash from one of the amazing Gma's that have sent their stash my way, so that's how I cheated... with it...
I pinned my pieces two at a time together (right sides facing) and sewed, pressing the seam allowances open.
And then, I didn't pay attention and totally pieced them the wrong way... good thing I have a seam ripper... I'm sure I'm not the only one to do this...
Finally, I had this...
And this underneath...
I just layed my front patch work and the back "cheater's quilt" wrong sides together and pinned all around the circumference.

I made sure the pink ghingham side was facing UP and I just followed the quilting lines diagonally across. So, it looked like this on the other side. Make sure your fabric is very smooth as you sew, so it does not pucker.
Eventually, I had this.
I followed Oh, Frannson's tips for binding the quilt.
Honestly, this quilt was smooth sailing until, I got to the binding. I had issues with the "perfectly metered corners", so now if I ever make another quilt, I will have to have someone teach me that, well really everything, but you know what I mean... since I had issues, they got covered with bows...
That's how I roll, and it really is perfect for a little sweet girl's doll bed, anyways!

And I proudly, hand stitched the back binding! I watched a movie with the hubs for this part!

So, that was that! A doll quilt, so absolutely cute, I just LOVE it!
Making the rest of the bedding was really fun! Doing this satisfies the "sew cute girl stuff" category! haha!
I sewed envelope back pillows,  to be washable, for the sham (sandwiching some crocheted lace), and the mattress cover was also an envelope back pillow.  We used foam for the pillow and the mattress that came out of my MILs mail order pharmaceuticals. They always pack her items with lots of foam, so we had plenty.
I'm hooked to my twin needle! It looks so professional! And is so easy! Everyone should do it!
Naomi was thrilled! Her daddy and Mama painted and re-gave the cradle that was Hannah's as a girl!
Cai added his own addition to the doll bed! ha!
Naomi and Micaiah are exactly 2 weeks apart... isn't it so cool that our little babies are exactly 2 weeks apart!? So now, I go into birthday planning mode! Can't wait!

So, there you have it! Doll bedding and quilt, you can do in a day, and make for the sweetest little girl on the planet! Love me my sweet niece! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!