Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Seniorita Ruffle Tank Tutorial

My friend Merideth gave me a stack of tank tops from Old Navy on Sunday that she no longer needed. (THANK YOU!!!) She said I could use them for fabric or whatnot. I knew almost instantly what I was going to do to some...
 I loved how the first one came out that I just had to do a second. I guess you know if I'm willing to put a ruffle on my butt, then I'd be willing to put it elsewhere, too!
You guys may be switching to Fall sewing, but NOT ME... I hold onto every last OUNCE of summer, sunshine, and warmth here in SC! I hope to still be wearing shorts at least through November around here.

Wanna make some? They are so easy, I promise!

-Plain Tanks with no adjustment straps (like Old Navy Intimates in the PJ area)
-3 inch strips of jersey fabric (I cut off the bottom of a white men's hanes shirt and another teal jersey shirt of mine for the ruffle.)

Grab your tanks... let's go!

Cut off 3 inch strips from the bottom of your extra t-shirts. I cut 3 strips off of a shirt that used to be mine, and only 2 off of my husband's XL hanes shirt, so you can kind of gauge off of that. You need to make one continuous LONG strand of jersey to ruffle, so better to have MORE than less, so you don't have to add anything mid project.

Cut apart the side of one or two, depending on which shirt you used, of your 3 inch strips, pin right sides together. Using the Men's Hanes shirt was nice because they have no side seams to work around. If you have side seams, cut off the excess bulky seam after you sew your new pieces together.
Once you've got one super de duper long strip...
You are ready to RUFFLE!

Adjust your stitch length to 4.5 or 5.0 using a straight stitch. Pull out 2 inches of your upper and lower thread, so you have thread tails to pull. DO NOT BACKSTITCH. Just sew along about 1/2'' seam allowance (the size of your sewing foot).
Leave long thread tails at the other end once you reach it.

Gently, pull one of the thread tails and scooch your fabric down the thread like so...
Continue until you have a scooched up ruffled mess.
Now, fold where you can see your thread line, and attach that to your elastic tank straps, pinning frequently. Flatten out the ruffle and spread it back out some to your desired look.
Continue until you reach the opposite end. Cut off any excess ruffle and put right sides together, sew, and repin flat on the elastic.
I will look like this all pinned.
Before you sew, adjust your stitch length to 4.0. As you sew, remove your pins, and stitch right down the middle of the elastic making sure the tucked under ruffle does not poke out. Go slow and make sure your ruffle is laying right.
And you are done! Use your seam ripper to take out some, or all, of the stitching that you just tucked under. I noticed that it was a little tight, but once I ripped out a few areas, I didn't feel that tension anymore, because the new stitching keeps everything in place.
Now, you've got a cute tank refashion for seriously NO money spent!
What's funny, is that I feel like this is something I totally would have purchased a year ago from Old Navy anyways.
And when I made the second one, I had one thing in mind...
I needed some new Game Day attire.. this is the perfect shell! Oh, didn't you hear, we southern Gamecock fans dress pretty fancy to our football games! In fact, most of us wear cute dresses and heels! No lie! But, this is perfect for hanging with friends watching it on TV for sure!
So...go make some tanks... forget Fall Sewing... and hold onto every last ounce of Summer 2012 while you can! You can just throw a cardi on it in a month or two and still be cute!