Sunday, September 30, 2012

V Shares - She Shares (2)

My heart hurts for those children I cannot see. Those children that could one day be mine, but more for the ones that never will be. Those children that have experienced hurt and pain and trauma and abuse and starvation, that need a mommy and daddy to love them, but so much more than that too, they need the redemptive work of Jesus. We all do. None exempt. Grace and Jesus, Jesus! 

I finished Kisses from Katie at midnight last week. I went into my kitchen to get a late night snack and fell to my knees. I just started sobbing right there on the kitchen floor. Crying for those kids right now in our world that I cannot touch or see that are starving, hurting, abused, sick.

I know, it's crazy. Why should I care so much about children I cannot see?

You see, that's the question that has robbed me of caring for so long. I wrote them off. They weren't in front of me. They were easy to forget. Still are sometimes in my world of plenty.

But it does not mean they do not exist. It does not mean we need to forget them. It does not mean I ignore them next time I hear of someone trying to help world hunger or reach them one at a time. We are all busy, but we can all say yes to helping. Yes! To making one small difference knowing it's enough for the moment.

God sees them. He knows them each by name. He knows which one of them will one day be a part of my family, and I will not stop loving them all, because right now knowing that just one will one day have a mommy and daddy that loves them is enough to motivate me to pray for all of them, to love the ones I cannot see, to cry tears over them that should be shed. I will not stop caring, because God never stops caring for us.

He sent his only son to be broken, to die, to be hung on a cross, crucified for my sin, for your sin. It did not stop there. He took that sin and brokenness and he redeemed it, because he loves us messed up folks so much. He rose again (what power!) and is seated at the right hand of God the Father and is pouring out grace upon grace upon my head, their heads, your head, and it covers us, redeems us, his blood washes us whiter than snow. It's God's way. His foolishness. His perfection.

We are currently adopting through DSS. It's taking what feels like forever to even be labeled 'approved' and we have NO idea how long it will be before we can bring our little(s) home. It's been almost 2 months and we are still waiting on DSS to move, but God is in control. He will surely do what is HIS ultimate plan and it will be good, so, so good. Pray with me for those children that need homes, love, care, and more... both domestically and internationally and do more, somehow, today! But rest, in God's grace knowing He is the perfecter of all.