Thursday, September 27, 2012

White Sheet to Marshmellow Puffy Vest: PR&P wk3

This week has been crazy! In my spare time, when I haven't been dealing with a sick child, returning emails for my job, or dealing with dog pee under my dining table on the rug (UGH!), I've been busy turning a white sheet into this outfit for Cai.

This week's Project Run and Play challenge was to turn a white sheet into an outfit for a child. There was NO way on this green earth that I was going to head into Fall sewing something out of a normal white sheet for Cai. Too summery and thin for a cute boy outfit. That left either jersey or flannel, and I found a jersey knit Hanes full sized sheet in my mother-in-law's linen closet. SCORE! She didn't mind if I took it and cut it up.

Next, I knew my outfit couldn't just be white. So I dyed everything after I cut it out. This took some planning to figure out what pieces should be blue, green or white.
My first time dying everything was interesting... I ended up not using the gray that I bought, because it came out purple. I had to re-dye my navy pieces, because they came out purple, too. Not good since I was sewing for Cai, but 2 dye baths later, I had my colors.
I pieced things together, lined it, used the wider hem to make a button down placket and as the collar.
And I stuffed it, laughed when this was what sewing at my machine looked like...
Literally it was a pain in the behind to sew. There will be no tutorial folks... it is much to hard for me to even begin to explain to a beginner. SO sorry! But you think that's alright, right!?
I made coordinating lined pants, using the side hem of the sheet as my tie.

The goal for me this week was to challenge myself as a sewist... take a white sheet and make an outfit? Well, I did, and it was fun, and now I'm tired and need a break! ha!
Have a great night!