Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloweeeen! Party City Sponsored Costumes - Part 2

Happy Halloween! 

This sponsored segment of our Halloween Costume Fun is brought to you by... 

Party City is open LATE and has 1,000's of costumes to choose from! Enjoy browsing their selection here!

(Lucy) "WELL..."  (usually said after being caught in an embarrassing situation! ha!)
 Party City sent me the "I Love Lucy" costume to enjoy, and enjoy I am. I tried every Lucy face I could possibly think of.
 A little black and white imagery to fit the time period, of course!

Seriously, I was having a blast in this red wig. Gosh, I love blogging.

How in the world am I supposed to segway THAT into THOR? No idea. Jeez, I'm so weird!

So how about some pics of the two of us!
Seriously... stuff like this just makes me love my husband even more. I mean how many husband's would DO this type of stuff for their wives? I think not, RICKY!

Enjoy Thor. In action.
Hart said he wished his Thor costume made him have a six pack a little more. Haha!
Some logistics. These costumes were plain fun. Overall, they were GREAT! Loved the wig. Loved his cape and Thor's overall look. I had no idea my costume would be so SHORT, hence the leggings under them. Also the dress was a tad thin, and see through, so I had to wear a tank underneath. The children's costumes really were well made, this one (lucy) was a little less so (in my sewing opinion). Hart had fun in his Thor. He said he's and "XL guy" and the XL was a little small. I ordered the M/L and felt like it was tight, so order up if you buy costumes from Party City! Seriously, though, these were too hilarious and we had a ball dressing up and taking pictures!
Thank you, Mrs. Gail, for taking our photos and coaching me on "Lucy Faces!"

And a HUGE Thank you Party City for EVERYTHING!!! We truly enjoyed it!!!
If you missed the children's costumes I highlighted yesterday, please check them out!

Have fun and BE SAFE! Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Party City Sponsored Halloween Costumes: Part 1

"Okay, crazy mamas... sometimes you just need to buy your kid's Halloween costumes. You do not need to DO.IT.ALL! MAKE.IT.ALL! "Normal" (non-sewing) mamas just buy things. It's really OK, not to mention FUN and EASY! This is a sponsored post brought to you by..."

I had a great privilege of working with Party City this Halloween to bring you some amazing cute-ness right off the shelf...
And onto some adorable children! Thank goodness for fun friends who let you dress their kids up for your blog!

First up, we have the most adorable little Peacock Costume that I've ever seen!
 It was embroidered, glittered, and looked so comfortable!
 Did I not say ADORABLE!? Good job, Party City!
It really was such a well-thought out baby costume, with easy snaps, and comfy jersey knit jump suit!

Then, came these 3 popular Avenger superheros, which made my friend's and I laugh and laugh, because they really embodied each superhero they were dressed as in their own personalities individually, and this whole photo shoot looked like "Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor - The Early Days"!

My lil Captain America... ready to conquer the world!

Thor... the handsome ladies' man whose brute Hammer strength would woo you off your feet!

And Iron Man, ready to shoot into space at any given moment just for kicks!
Iron Man always, always comes through!

Let's be honest, sometimes a superhero is just hard...
Especially when you bang you face going down the slide especially, when all 3 battle it out to see who's more powerful and really they could have just taken an extra minute to talk it out and figure out who was who, but really just smashing into each other is more fun.... (just watch the movie, if you have no idea which scene I just described!)
Aw, poor Captain America. He needed this downfall to figure out he wasn't frozen anymore and life really did go on.

No, really, back to this review. As a sewist, you know I  really would not recommend something that I did not think was well-made, and you know I examined the construction of these sweet costumes. These costumes really were SO well-made. I also would not buy something that I could make, and these muscle-y costumes would be more than I would want to tackle on my own. Plus, they are what every little boy wants! I can see these getting lots of use in the next couple years! Although, my 2 year old keeps calling his Batman? Next year, Party City, Okay?
Check out these buff stuffed arms! Really, this Thor was my favorite! Goodness, gracious, hilarious!

And how do you get 4 toddlers to stay still... feed them with Halloween Candy!

Thank you Party City for wanting to be a part of this Halloween with us, and for sending us some amazing costumes to enjoy! The kids LOVE THEM!

I also want to thank my sweet friends for letting me dress up their kids, and take photos of them at a park WAY before Halloween and get weird looks from strangers... Just Kidding!

Oh... and wait! You thought Party City didn't think of ME, did you? Well, they did. You just, uh... wait. It needs a post all of it's own.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Circle Skirt as Top

Here's the thing... sometimes you fail at things. This is true with sewing, especially for myself.
But it's okay, because you can fix it! I mean, sometimes you can't, and that's okay. We all mess up. We all make mistakes. You've just got to try.

Take this top for instance. As a skirt... it is a TOTAL FAIL! Cut in a circle, the center whole was totally off. What a WASTE of some cute jersey!
Throw it over your head, add some seams to make arm holes, and TA DA! It suddenly works!

For added cuteness, I wore my bow back tank underneath it (made of the same fabric), which made the shirt look like it had a bow in the back. I love LOVED it, got some compliments from nice church friends, which made me want to run in the opposite direction, but thank you, thanks, thanks. Amen.
Oh my gosh, I love this little boy! You should use the self timer & turn around the camera more... it's so sweet, m'kay.

Moral of the story... you are probably going to fail at sewing things, but it's really okay. That's no reason NOT to just try!

This inspirational post brought to you by.... Jesus. He's all you need.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Friend

I met (in real life) my first "blog" friend and now (in real life) friend! It was SO fun! A few months ago, Rachel from Happily Ever After, emailed me that she and I lived just a stones throw away! Sometimes I feel like I am the ONLY sewing blogger in my city of Columbia, SC (which I still think I am since she and I technically don't live in the same city, just close enough).

Even my craft store, Creative Machine Sewing Center, that carries fabric like Riley Blake, Moda, and cute patterns like Oliver + S among many others, still is rather clueless about the online sewing craft world, the possibilities there, and many of the other amazing independent designers. Sometimes I'm just alone in this "world" or so it seems. Anywho, it was awesome to finally meet another sewist, blogger, that gets "it".

We line up on so many other avenues of life, too! We are both Christians, Mommies, and former teachers!

Seriously, Rachel is adorable!
 See, what I mean? But that's not the best of it... she's a sweetheart-loving-Jesus kinda gal on the inside, too, and that's just way more important!

Rachel makes cute dresses for herself, like this peplum dress...
And adorable dresses for her daughter!
Oliver + S Play Date Dress (left)

And she also is an avid quilter and sews for her home! She seriously has THE BEST fabric taste ever and can put together fabrics in an amazing, beautiful way!

And it gets better! IT'S HER BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! So, I think you should all go "meet" my new sewing, going fabric shopping real life friend, and check out her blog, Happily Ever After!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Dear Beloved,

 art via myrrhart (with permission)

I find myself thinking about you more and more. Well, the hypothetical you. I have not necessarily felt rushed in this adoption process to get to you, because I know God's timing is perfect, but I do find myself thinking about what you will be like and when God will bring you to us.

The ferocious mama bear comes out in me when I think of the reasons why DSS might be intervening on your behalf. Are you somewhere in this world being abused, neglected, left to fend for yourself? Are you hungry, cold, dirty, drugged? It kills me to think you really could be alive and breathing and not being loved or cared for. And of course, you could not even be born yet, but I have this feeling you are either in the womb or outside living, fighting, surviving; and I pray, and pray, and pray for you. That God's protection will cover you like a shield and that you will be safe, that God is your refuge, and ever present help in the time of trouble.

God is the healer. I rest in that.

We are decorating for Fall and I didn't realize it, until now, but I bought you a pumpkin. See I bought a big one to carve, and then two little pie pumpkins. One must be for you, because normally I just buy one tiny pumpkin for your older brother. If you came tomorrow, you'd have your own pumpkin to paint.

Many families feel as if they have been waiting for a long time by the time they get approved, and sometimes I feel that way, but you didn't become real to me until I got that Approval letter from DSS. Just like when two little pink lines showed up on that pregnancy test for your brother. You didn't become real until you got a name, 'Beloved'. Just like when they announced, "It's a boy!" at my ultrasound, and your daddy just said right then and there, so we have a Micaiah! And Mommy had to say... wait a minute, a Micaiah!? We threw that name around, but, um... I know, I thought of it... but um... a Micaiah?

In my day to day, caring for your older brother tasks, I usually am so busy thinking about random things that I am suddenly jolted, that you will be coming, over the simplest, tiniest things, like putting away spoons. I turn over an infant spoon in my hand... then I think, "OH MY! Beloved is coming!" Of course, you could be eating off a toddler spoon, and that is fine, too. We have lots of those, as well.

 In some ways, I'm not ready, I mean look at your room...
That's my entire fabric stash, once in your soon-to-be-closet, all over the floor. See, I'm giving up my precious craft space for you, and all this needs to be relocated to bins, shoved under beds, and packed away in closets.

I have this sudden fear sometimes cleaning out this room, that I could finish everything in there quickly, and suddenly realize that then I will have to walk by a clean, empty nursery, with out you in it, for who knows how long. See, I'm keeping busy by working on your room. That way I don't think about the time from now until you arrive. It just might backfire.

God's timing is perfect. I rest in that.

Sometimes I really realize you are missing when I can tell your brother needs someone to play with (especially when he starts acting like a doggy that needs a walk!). I've started to notice that he needs you. Even though, another one will probably make me go crazier. The fact is, God has been preparing our hearts for you, and that means you really will come.

Yesterday, your older brother thought we were going to see you. He asked when we pulled into our friend's house, if this was Beloved's? He refers to your room now, as "Beloved's room." He even put his stuffed lion, Asland, if your crib to wait for you.
Of course, you have every other stuffed animal imaginable in there, too. There's a Dora, if you like Dora. A Tigger, if you like Tigger, a Mickey, if you like Mickey, an elephant, a giraffe, and a flamingo. You are bound to find a friend in there you like. See, I like putting lots of friends in my children's beds. It keeps you happier longer, so I can get more done. And usually you guys throw them all out after every nap, but I don't mind putting them all back in. Actually, I kind of love it, because you won't always do that.
I used to not really like these licensed animals, but you kids adore them, so, okay, have it your way.

So, beloved. We are getting ready for you, and we are excited for you and all that you will bring.

We love you!