Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Sweatshirt Refashion!

Am I the only sewing blogger that gets inspired to make something comfy while I'm sitting around in my house in my mis-matched pajamas feeling sick? Seriously... something might be wrong with me. I still want to look cute WHILE having a stomach bug, AFTER I've been to the ER, and AFTER puking my guts out. I know... I'm crazy! This explains this sweatshirt refashion with NO tutorial. (Not as much energy as normal).

 Just before and After photos for your musing...
If there's some kind of outlashing for not having a tutorial, then we might be able to work something out, but for now, let's just look at that before again...
I'm standing on my toilet taking a photo of myself. I'm pretty sure those white specs are toothpaste spatters. Gross, huh? Coolest. Blog. Ever.

And the AFTER...
Now, I can run around being Mommy in something cuter than normal sweats!

I drew inspiration for this refashion from a shirt that I bought while I studied abroad in Spain. Unfortunately it's a little tight now and has discolored pit stains (gross again, but real, folks), so it has been retired in the refashion pile for a little while.
Afuera de la Palacia Royal en Madrid, Espana, 2007

It's got the usual "Vanessa" shirt attributes:

Bib yoke
Scoop Neck
Puff Sleeve
"Raglan" type sleeve

Basics: I was able to seam rip the shirt apart and use it somewhat as pattern pieces for the sweatshirt, but going from a knit shirt to a sweatshirt, I gave myself added room when cutting by about 1 inch around my pattern pieces. I also used another sweatshirt for cutting some of the yoke pieces, that I had on hand, because mine was more like a "Large" than an "XL" or "XXL".

I love slightly puffed sleeves or "gathered" if you will. 
I also did a close understitch around the bib yoke neckline. Simple details.

Back View... never like the "butt" views, but you must see, I know.

So there ya have it folks! A Sweatshirt Refashion by me! Goes with PJs or cute cords! 

Thanks for reading! Oh, and my disqus has been weird lately, so if you leave a comment, I DO usually respond, so sorry if you've left one and for some reason I didn't get it! Gracias!