Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bling Bling Clip Boards

I've got a few more TO DO items on my actual sewing list for Fall and then I am SWITCHING gears for a little while. What exactly to are you wondering?

Okay, nothing that extreme, but I've got an uncertain timeline, before my world gets turned upside down for awhile, and I don't know exactly when that is going to happen, just sometime in the next year or a little more. You might have heard that we are *FOR REAL* {PAPER PREGNANT} FOLKS via FB! This means at any moment from when that paper was stamped... 

We could get a call for our next child, Beloved, at any moment. (You can read how we got to the nick name 'Beloved' if you click on the paper pregnant link above).  Beloved's room is far from ready, as my craft space is half of their room which must be relocated, the walls painted, things put on the wall, things taken off the wall, etc. Here's the current crib area, the rest of the room is too dangerous looking to post. 
See? Needs work. I mean, granted, if they called me tomorrow, Beloved would have a place to lay their little head, my sewing area would get relocated eventually, but I'd rather go ahead and prepare their way sooner than later. Plus, it will keep my mind off the timeline, if I'm busy.

All that to say... my ORGANIZATION/DIY to do list needs to get moved closer to the top, and sewing a little further back so I can get things done around the house....let's hope that I can follow through on this thought process! ha!

-----That was a long back story intro just to say, I made some Bling Bling Clip Boards to start this organization process.-----
 What? You don't make blingy clipboards to inspire yourself to be more organized? Ha! 

I pinned this photo awhile back and loved the idea of some pretty clip boards. 

I realized I had enough of my own "glittery things" that I decided to make myself some! The clip boards are from the Dollar Tree for $1 each. I used hot glue to glue whatever I had that was shiny, pearly, pretty. 
It was really easy and quick and I LOVE the result! Don't you?! 
Now, back to my to do list, before Beloved turns my world upside down (in a good way)!