Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Child Ruffle Scarf & Jeggings: KCWC Day 2 /3

I love how KCWC just morphs sometimes from the list you have in your head to what actually gets done! My SIL and I were laughing, because they always come to town during KCWC, which translates to me loving my niece so much that I sew for her! Due to the fact that I want to spend as much time as possible with them and we are over at my in-laws basically ALL day for several days in a row, I bring my sewing machine over to their house, so I can sew during naptime!
 Do you remember these Ruffle Neck Cowls I made last Fall? A friend ordered a couple, so today, I sewed some up for her (gamecock, garnet/black) and had enough fabric left over to make Naomi one!
 Is that not ADORABLE!?!

I think I like the child version more than the original! If you use the tutorial to make one, then just cut the fabric in half (4.5 inches width), and scrunch a little more.
My Day 2 for KCWC was these jeggings under Naomi's skirt! I bought some black, stretch denim, so expect to see these again in a Mama version soon!
Also, on Day 2, I adjusted the elastic on Naomi's Sailboat skirt that I sewed last KCWC in the spring, but never fit her. It can be hard to judge sizing when you don't have the child right there. I was very glad to get this sized right and to have it fit her! 
I think she was, too! 
Jeez, these children are precious children from the LORD!