Monday, October 1, 2012

Fabric Bag Tag Tutorial

Micaiah had his first day at a nursery drop in pre-school today! I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with my job, doing things for the dance studio, my mommy/wifey responsibilities at home, and just flat out needing some time to myself to be a happier person all around... so after talking about a mom's morning out type program for a few months, we finally just decided to DO IT!
Everything they bring has to be labeled, so.... you know me... I had to label it all in style. Sharpie... no way.
My husband will take him, but I will be picking him up, so I made a label for our car seat, since we only have one and he will need to leave it there for me to use. Is there something wrong with me, if labels make me like seriously giddy?! I know, I'm not the only one!

I have to admit... this is one of those posts that people without embroidery machines may write off, but this could easily be done by hand embroidery, using stamps and ink suitable for fabrics, or iron-on letters, so don't let not having it monogrammed stop you, although it is rather adorable monogrammed! And you could use ME to make some for you... if I have time... wait I might now that he's going to MMO!
I was so nervous about Cai starting this program that I actually couldn't sleep, so I made these labels instead! Thankfully, although he did cry and scream when I left, he calmed down and was fine until I picked him up.

Would you like to make your own Fabric Bag Tags? It's easy! I promise. 

For one Fabric Bag Tag you need: 
-10 inches of coordinating ribbon
-2 6x6 square pieces of home dec weight fabric. If you use quilting cotton, put a layer of interfacing between your layers for stiffness.
-FREE DBS bag tag pattern here

To start, I embroidered my son's name on one of my fabric squares. Feel free to hand stamp with fabric ink their name, or hand embroider, or use iron on letters, or have someone monogram their name for you.
Using the free pattern, cut out 2 tags.
Pin right sides together.
Sew all the way around. I started at the smallest end (leaving that end completely opened).
When you start sewing, start at the smallest side edge and sew a couple stitches in towards the middle, then turn and sew around the rest. making sharp turns at the points. To do this simply, put your needle down into the fabric, lift your foot, and turn your fabric. Put your foot back down and continue sewing. This makes it turn in naturally when you pull your fabric through that opening. 
Clip corners and trim close to stitching. Pull the fabric through the opening gently. Poke out corners with scissors. Fold under the open lip and Iron flat.
Take your 10 inch ribbon, fold it in half and pin into the opening.
Top stitch all the way around the edge.
How cute would these be on Christmas presents, too? You could re-use them year to year, do just initial monograms, use a safety pin and pin to scarves or mittens, hang on crates and toy baskets!
I actually might start taking orders for these for Christmas, too! Let me know if you would like some! I need to think of a price point, but they are so fun to make, and I seriously might put them everywhere!

Check back this week and I'll show you how to make a fabric label koozie for your child's sippy cup!
Enjoy and Happy Organizing!