Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloweeeen! Party City Sponsored Costumes - Part 2

Happy Halloween! 

This sponsored segment of our Halloween Costume Fun is brought to you by... 

Party City is open LATE and has 1,000's of costumes to choose from! Enjoy browsing their selection here!

(Lucy) "WELL..."  (usually said after being caught in an embarrassing situation! ha!)
 Party City sent me the "I Love Lucy" costume to enjoy, and enjoy I am. I tried every Lucy face I could possibly think of.
 A little black and white imagery to fit the time period, of course!

Seriously, I was having a blast in this red wig. Gosh, I love blogging.

How in the world am I supposed to segway THAT into THOR? No idea. Jeez, I'm so weird!

So how about some pics of the two of us!
Seriously... stuff like this just makes me love my husband even more. I mean how many husband's would DO this type of stuff for their wives? I think not, RICKY!

Enjoy Thor. In action.
Hart said he wished his Thor costume made him have a six pack a little more. Haha!
Some logistics. These costumes were plain fun. Overall, they were GREAT! Loved the wig. Loved his cape and Thor's overall look. I had no idea my costume would be so SHORT, hence the leggings under them. Also the dress was a tad thin, and see through, so I had to wear a tank underneath. The children's costumes really were well made, this one (lucy) was a little less so (in my sewing opinion). Hart had fun in his Thor. He said he's and "XL guy" and the XL was a little small. I ordered the M/L and felt like it was tight, so order up if you buy costumes from Party City! Seriously, though, these were too hilarious and we had a ball dressing up and taking pictures!
Thank you, Mrs. Gail, for taking our photos and coaching me on "Lucy Faces!"

And a HUGE Thank you Party City for EVERYTHING!!! We truly enjoyed it!!!
If you missed the children's costumes I highlighted yesterday, please check them out!

Have fun and BE SAFE! Happy Halloween!