Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ikat Colette Iris Shorts

Attempt 2 at making these Colette Iris shorts was a success! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I've been wearing them since Labor Day when I "labored" on them with love. And I plan on making more this next Spring. It's a fantastic "mama" shorts pattern for sure!
For some reason, I knew I had to have some ikat shorts. Maybe all of them popping up on Pinterest gave me the bug, but deep down in my core, God made me love the ikat pattern. I am not kidding! I actually am sort of crazy for it, and I don't know why it's not more represented in my home and closet. Well, the first time I made these, I totally chose the wrong fabric choice (home dec weight) AND the ikat pattern was just too large to make it look right AND I cut out a 10, which probably would have worked had the fabric choice been different.... the list goes on and on. All of that did not stop me. I knew these could be successful with the right fabric!
For attempt 2, I chose Amy Butler Lark Dreamer Kasbah Midnight Blue for my fabric. Looking at it on the bolt, I was scared to purchase and "fail" again, but the selvage said "fashion" on the side, so I figured I could make it work. These are now my absolute favorite shorts ever. No lie. And no matter where I go... grocery store... out to eat... Target... people compliment me on them almost everywhere. I secretly enjoy the fact that they have no idea that I made them.
The buttons are from my Nana's stash. (Thanks, Nana!) They are ivory in the center and silver on the outer rim. I thought they gave them a little "pizazz" without being too "look at me!" Especially since the fabric is rather "crazy". Most of the versions of these shorts people omit the buttons, but I love buttons, so they are worth it to me to add.
I cut the 14. I know I could have done the 12, but after the first time around, I was scared to cut them too small. I think that's why they are so comfy! ha! I've heard the waist is smaller, so it definitely gave me some ease there and allows me to wear them a bit lower. However, my butt is tiny and so are my legs, so I think I should grade the 10/12 for the rest of them and just the 14 for the waist. Worth experimenting next time for sure!

In case you are wondering why it's late October and I'm just now sharing these, it's because Caila and I were going to try to post them together to give you two takes on this amazing pattern by Colette. Caila won this pattern during Shorts on the Line and I've been dying to see what she comes up with! Between her sewing and mine, it just didn't happen quite yet, so we we will try again for Spring, when I make like 5 more pairs! Ha! I definitely won't be buying store bought shorts when these are so easy to make, and you can make them SO much "funner" with your own fabrics.

Stuff I've made this year for myself, so far. (exception...the orange dress, which was made for me by Lori, my first "sewing" mama)

I definitely want to continue to expand my hand-made wardrobe. My son has tons of  cute hand-me-downs and some additional hand-made goods by mama, so I think it's time to tackle some Fall 'mama' sewing and work on building up my own handmade wardrobe. I've gone through my entire closet and gave most of it away, so I really need to work on building pieces that I love, and will wear for quite some time! You can check out what else is in our hand made closet here!