Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Je suis fou

Don't know french either? My title says, "I'm crazy!" Or at least I hope it says that, because I just might be a little crazy for this next sewing adventure! Yesterday I was purchasing some sewing patterns, and I think I lost my mind when I bought a pattern, made in France, with directions entirely in FRENCH!!!
It's the Robe Sureau by Deer & Doe.

It's adorable and I think it will be so practical this fall with leggings, boots and the like. 
Deer&Doe model image
I am crazy, because...

1)I do NOT speak French. I speak/read Spanish (studied it in high school & college all 4 years), but have never taken an ounce a French, at all. 
2)It was expensive! It ended up costing me $23 usd (12.50 euro), which I guess compared to other designer patterns, it's only a little more, but it's not like I'm rollin' in the dough,  so it was a definite splurge. Also, given that this could be a complete fail! However, I always keep sewing money with sewing money to spend how I want, so it was a calculated risk.
3)As I mentioned... the directions are entirely in FRENCH. 
4)The measurements are metric. Let's be honest. I'm an American. Enough said. 

So, why in the world did I do this? 

1) I love a good sewing challenge! What's more fun than trying to pull your hair out sewing with directions entirely in French!?! (just kidding) 
2)This *new* pattern company is ADORABLE! I fell in 'love' when I clicked on their site. I actually hope it goes well, because I'm eyeing another pattern that I seriously want to make. They do say love is blind.
3)A new to me talented blogger, Paunnet, who lives in Italy and speaks several languages, but writes her blog in English, is hosting a Deer&Doe Sewalong starting November 5th. I love a good Sewalong and I've been wanting to build up my own personal wardrobe & dress making skills. Since she will literally be WALKING us through this pattern in ENGLISH. I figured I could do it! Along with Google Translate at my side! ha! (Thanks, Justine (Sew Country Chick) for featuring her... I'm LOVING this blog! So you are held responsible for my sewing recklessness!)
Paunnet in her "première robe Sureau"

Sureau Sew-along

So, if you're feeling really adventuresome, maybe you'd want to sewalong, too?  (If you are in the US, you should order your pattern now, since it will take like 10 days to arrive!) Or, you could just stand by the sidelines and watch me fumble my way through this craziness.

*A little note on independent designer patterns and why I feel they are worth the $.*

1)They are generally on quality sturdy pattern paper, which makes tracing them out much nicer. They fold up easier and are easier to put back in their paper envelopes.
2)They have better diagrams and are generally easier to follow, because they go steps further to explain things.. 
3)They are way cute. 
4)Compared to the major 4 pattern companies, they really do a much better job explaining things. I often feel as if I'm taking a good sewing class using a designer pattern. And if you have a problem, often times, you get direct feedback from the designer's themselves. 
5)You are supporting those that are making a dream come true for themselves in the independent sewing arena. 

*Another side note* 
After purchasing this dress, I realized that the Megan Nielson Darling Ranges dress is practically the same (button placket ALL the way down the front and not gathered up top), with directions in ENGLISH, so maybe I should have just ordered that one instead!? Where's the fun in that!? 

Last side note: 

I also ordered the Colette Negroni (for Hart) and the Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt Pattern (for Cai). I have this crazy idea that I could make us all cute outfits for our Christmas card this year! I'm thinking flannel for the boys. We'll see how that goes and if I'm just really "je suis fou" for reals.
Enough craziness for today! Have a good one!